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If you say a few years ago to run a trade site has been sticking to today, it is bound to achieve a certain degree of success. Today, if you continue to follow the previous routines to operate the industry site, you can talk about a desperate situation. Industry site has a very large limitations, if it is an E-commerce site, it can not be in the site orders, payments and transactions. If it is not an E-commerce site, it can be divided into business-to-business ranks. However, most of the industry sites are relying on the image of advertising +VIP members of such fees in the form of survival struggle. Then the new construction of the industry site to how to develop it?

 1, or selling the form of advertising

Internet advertising is a very cheap way, the entire Internet advertising can be said to account for a large part of the profit. Therefore, the new construction of the industry site in the sale of advertising-related industry enterprises to promote their brand value is still necessary to do. When it comes to upgrading its brand, there must be flow, and the flow of business personnel within the industry. However, the development of the Internet today, through optimization to obtain cheap traffic is an inevitable way.

 2, selling the form of keywords

What do you sell the key words? For example, the author of the East OU pump valve network www.dopv.cn, the pump valve category of large categories of all the layout into a suitable optimization, and may be optimized to Baidu home page or a few previous pages. The reason why such a page, is to wait for one day, the overall weight of the site up, which products of the big class of every page, you can rent to the company. Or hang 1-2 companies of the corresponding category of products at the top of the page. The formation of a very targeted publicity. This eliminates the need for every enterprise to optimize their own site trouble. However, the way to do all these words is also very long. However, this way can be said to be the East OU Pump Valve Network Technology Department in the beginning of the site layout of the future development of the way.

 3, for the industry site construction Station

Now that you have an industry station, you will be able to quickly and well contact the industry's business owners. And for these enterprises to establish a website business can also be to a certain extent to feed the development of the industry station. Because we firmly control these enterprise stations, we can obtain from these sites to a certain chain of resources, so that their own industry site more benign and enterprise station interaction.

 4, meet the Industry site optimization list

Have their own slightly more powerful industry stations, with a number of enterprise site resources available. The next step, you can rely on the industry to stand for the fort, to the need for individual optimization of the enterprise site optimization. This can be said to be one of the ways in which industry sites develop. And when we have these high-quality, relevant resources, and then to do the optimization work can be said to be a multiplier.

Industry site, as long as you continue to plough, there is a certain prospect of development, even if we can not tengda, a better food and clothing should still be very good to protect. The key is to see how we do it ourselves. The article is written here, I hope the article is helpful to you. Article from the East OU pump valve Network, reproduced please retain the copyright link.

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