Diversity of traffic sources is a prerequisite for successful SEO

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Recently I created some custom filters in the GA account to illustrate the flow of SEOmoz over the last 12 months:

SEOmoz distribution of flow sources over the past 12 months


  The following are sorted according to the percentage of the total flow source:

* Search traffic (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc.): 36%

* Direct Flow (bookmark + Enter domain address directly in the address bar): 27.7%

* Subscribe (RSS subscriptions and FeedBurner subscriptions): 7.9%

* Social media (twitter/Twitter, facebook/Facebook, Reddit, Hacker news/Hacker News, StumbleUpon): 2.5%

* Partners (distilled, Open Site Explorer, Websitegrader): 0.7%

* Blog (Seland, seroundtable, AVC, etc.): 2%

* Forum (WebmasterWorld, Google webmaster groups, etc.): 0.7%

* Click on paid ads (keyword ads): 0.2%

* Other sources: 17.3%

As SEO practitioners, we all know that search traffic is fragile and easy to fluctuate, it is difficult to control. Some of the sites that have recently been accidentally hit by Google's crackdown on content farms are good examples, but there are a number of other potential factors, including our own internal adjustments and external influences (search engine changes, competitors, etc.), in addition to significant algorithm updates that affect search traffic.

We also feel that the search engine is in a more comprehensive direction, and look for brand sites to distinguish the characteristics of ordinary websites, in order to enhance the ranking of brand sites in search results.

At this stage, I feel that increasing the source of traffic is a good way for network marketers, because:

* Search engines want to reward sites that attract other sources of traffic by "natural" means-these sites are clicked by links to them, and social media are shared around their content, rather than creating content farms for search traffic alone.

* Since the middle of the 90, the network world has diversified over the past three years far more than ever before. We see a series of websites like Reddit,stumbleupon,twitter,facebook,yelp,youtube expanding, extending, not merging. Newcomers such as foursquare,path,quora,stackexchange,groupon,livingsocial have become real traffic-driven sources. Sites that are unable to adapt to the new ecosystem are likely to lose out to rivals they accept.

* No source of traffic is absolutely "safe", but putting eggs in different baskets can reduce the risk effectively.

* The diversity of traffic sources means experimenting with new potential traffic channels, which also means that it can be found to bring a large number of visitors, links, citations, and more market share sources.

* It is important to gain awareness and gain the flow of the channel before competitors enter a new channel.

* Diversification reduces the likelihood of a catastrophic impact on the business as a result of turbulence in one channel. I am glad that Google's search traffic to SEOmoz accounts for only 30% of the total traffic. If they (Google) change the algorithm, we won't drown (not as our peers do in some places).

Of course, it's hard to know, and that's why in the next 18 months I'm going to devote more effort to research, case studies, content and software. In order to gain success in the SEO field, we will need to obtain the success of all inbound marketing channels. Fortunately, the side effects are incredibly beneficial.

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