Do not bullying SEO optimization The ultimate goal is not the site rankings

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In recent years, with the popularization of the Internet, at the same time the low threshold of SEO, more and more friends to enter the network hope to realize their dream of entrepreneurship here. However, after entering the network, whether the enterprise or individual, the establishment of the station will use a method, that is, the implementation of SEO optimization, but also because everyone uses SEO to get things are different, making the SEO into a network of garbage makers, everyone hates things. Even the country's largest search engine also showed two different prompts, which makes SEO the industry becomes more and more dim. But even this does not hinder our SEO optimization enthusiasm. Relatively speaking, the use of SEO optimization site can really quickly improve their site exposure, but more people like to SEO as the only way to improve the exposure rate, and many webmasters are ranked as the Ultimate SEO optimization goal, as long as the ranking up, then SEO optimization is successful.

SEO optimization is the ultimate goal of ranking? For this believe most webmaster are very agree, do SEO optimization is in order to improve rankings, in fact, what are all around the ranking and launched, user experience? Say it on the mouth, and call it 371. Have ranked also afraid of the user experience is not good? I believe many stationmaster have such thought. So on the optimization rankings, every morning to open the computer's first thing is not to do anything else, is to query the site to inquire their own site rankings have not been promoted, included a drop in volume, the new snapshot is not new. There is a feeling of being played by the site rankings. Many stationmaster's mood will follow the website rank high and low sometimes good sometimes bad. I always feel that the webmaster is not in the operation of SEO this tool, but is the SEO back control. Operation of SEO webmaster to their final goal is set in the site rankings, as long as the ranking is good, that is the most successful SEO optimization. In fact, ranking is the final result? Personally, in addition to ranking, there are many more important factors, such as user loyalty, user experience, and so on are the key factors affecting the development of the site, leaving the rankings, the site can also be normal survival, now many large portals are focused on building their own website brand, Why not? Just to be able to not through the rankings can also make the site normal development? Like some well-known local sites, most of its users are not based on search leads, in other words, their site is no longer rely on rankings can also get a large number of users.

Webmaster Eye seo is what role? For this to believe that many friends are a little confused, some webmaster said SEO optimization is the ultimate goal is to improve the user experience, so that users can in a good environment to browse their own information of interest. But is this the way it is? But the lack of people in the eyes of the SEO actually said to understand the site rankings, while the site ranking in the eyes of individual webmaster, than the user experience degree is also important, after all, this is also a deep-rooted tradition of optimization, how many people will see other factors than the site ranking heavier? We can check the daily active in a variety of Webmaster forum webmaster, as long as a little query their site, it is not difficult to find that most of the site is for the ranking and optimization, a lot of sites in fact, even the original template did not change, the content of the site mainly rely on collection, such a site to the user experience how to help? Nothing more than the use of search leads can not identify the original content of the blind spot to make some simple changes to become original. In fact, personally think that there is a sentence for this phenomenon is very appropriate to explain, that is extremes. We often see a lot of SEO friends do not understand the site ranking is very good, why? That's what we need to make a good analysis of.

Search for SEO to embrace hu kind of attitude? At the beginning of 2012, the search led to the clear text of the start to warn of SEO behavior, I believe we will not forget the February of those angry-style tips bar, although this friendship hint only show a day, but its intention is also very clear, Search for legitimate SEO optimization is to support the attitude, but for SEO to determine the development prospects of the site is to embrace the largest exclusion. In the same time in March, perhaps because of the previous friendship hint tone extreme, replaced by a kind of tactful friendship hint. Whether it is anger or euphemism, we can see that the search, although the recognition of the existence of SEO and value, but for the site as the ultimate determinant of SEO ranking factors, it will be the greatest punishment. Because a lot of people are forgetting to study the vulnerability of search rankings algorithm every day. In this way, it will become a search for the target of the crackdown. I think the search is also very hate those for the ranking and operation of the SEO, after all, this is the core of the search with the development of the conflict, and for the ranking of natural need to study the search for the ranking algorithm loopholes, this is not tolerated search. So, search cited for ranking SEO only, and to the user experience the first SEO is supported attitude.

Finally, the author summarizes his point of view, standing in the user's perspective, SEO is just a good reading atmosphere to create a tool. At the same time, if the search to lead the angle, but also to improve the user experience. Although SEO can promote rankings, but not all SEO operations have this role, the key is to operate the SEO must be based on the user experience as the core theme, and then consider ranking. Therefore, the individual believes that the ranking as the goal of the SEO optimization is to play a small rogue, so that search lead zhi disgust! This article on the wordy to here, by thin leg of the fastest method of original feeds, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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