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Do SEO as a person, it is so, seo you do good again big, also can not be too much publicity, uppity, modesty is a person's duty, SEO is so, or sooner or later a day will be planted!

The two days of the uproar in the circle has two things: one is the Wolf Rain SEO Forum directly by K, another is a long time for the Exchange forum is also K, but also implicated his first weight loss products list of the website.

The two-person site was also K no coincidence, not because of their web site or SEO technology has been a big mistake, but we really do not despise the two of people's way of doing things and attitude, of course, including the boss of the domestic search engine-Baidu boss also frown, so the eldest brother directly to their uprooted. Chairman Mao once warned us: modesty makes one progress, and pride makes one lag behind. I think the use of these two people is more appropriate, SEO training so much, why at the same time only k you two? And we see seowhy do than you are still early, why seowhy nothing, and for several consecutive years have been seated SEO first throne, apparently these three to SEO training-oriented forum, Seowhy in the webmaster heart of the highest voice, in other words, the teacher more understand the humble man, act without publicity, modest, true to SEO technology as the core, diligent teaching. I am not a teacher of the lobbyist, because I have never had contact with the teacher, so we do not suspect that I was the opportunity to elevate seowhy, elevate the husband, then you are more think.

Wolf Rain SEO Forum online to be k only use less than 20 days, why life so short on the fall? There is no denying that the wolf rain is a certain means and skills, even just beginning to surpass the Seowhy forum rankings, someone in the forum asked his husband what method will be a new station in just more than 10 days time to do first? The husband says, He did not see the means to do it. Here I would like to praise the teacher, as a SEO industry leader, can be so frank, really admirable. If the change is a long time or wolf rain, I do not know whether it can be so calm answer "do not know." Know is to know, do not know is not know, perhaps this is the husband only with their biggest difference.

Wolf Rain SEO Forum occupy the first seat, after I had a careful look at his forum, see his introduction to some of the optimization cases, through these cases, he claimed that he has an unknown ranking method, all through their own painstaking research and practice, others there will never learn, completely a domineering tone, Then to encourage everyone to join his SEO training, learning his most advanced ranking method, training fee of more than 1000, the first recruit 80 people, wolf Rain gave me the first feeling is a bit false, not because his training price is high, but feel like he is doing a one-time sale! Just started to do the training, In the absence of a lot of experience on the premise of a recruit 80 people, this period to earn 80,000 Ah, these 80 students are sure to come to you, how do you answer the students ' advice and questions? Obviously from the management point of view is difficult to meet the requirements of the students, the total can not be the time of this training you spend a year to teach all of you, Perhaps you have a more unique management model and training method than the average person, maybe you are God.

Wolf Rain ranking SEO first position, the afternoon has a master analysis of his ranking the first trick, said to rely on a number of deceptive links to obtain the link, that is, it seems to do the friendship link, the actual search engine is a one-way link, He cheated a lot of webmaster or seoer in the shortest time to get a lot of high weight one-way links to his forum, which is the main reason he ranked first. Thus, he can deceive so many people, it is obvious that this person's character has a big problem.

Said the wolf rain say a long time, SEO is from Taobao customer's weight loss products list This site to do, initially it should be said purely by efforts to do outside the chain, regular updates every day, the station anchor this method to do up the ranking, because at that time the weight loss products list competition is still very small, to do ranking is still very easy. After his exaggerated advocacy of his own SEO level, some new people believe, feel long indeed SEO very bad, slowly, when there is a student, through the students to him forward chain, plus their own then have the training fee, willing to invest, so the weight loss station natural ranking is more stable, Even if the site content one months do not update the same as the first place, because his chain is too strong, a large number of visitors to read his ebook tutorials or soft text, so that his site hits must be very high, naturally driven by the site will be better ranked. If from the site's quality and user experience, a long time to lose weight standing in the love of reason, can be used to describe the garbage station.

Perhaps for a long time I never thought I was preaching, he just feel that his SEO level is really very powerful, so the ranking of weight loss station let him confidently go to do the path of SEO training, said that a long time to SEO level, more than a long time will grasp the psychological, can not be denied a long time better to do management. Industry people look at a long time to look at the SEO level, so the industry to treat a long time SEO training, more is to think that a long time is cheating students, the real SEO technology does not learn how much, of course, the most basic SEO knowledge for never contacted SEO newcomer is learned, But this knowledge can be learned by self-study for a few days. Admittedly, many new people really through a long time to make money seo. But in the SEO industry, most people feel more or cheat more.

is also in the previous stage, a long time for the remittance unexpectedly absurd to get up the so-called "SEO certification", issued a certificate you are the real master? Did you send it to the Ministry of Labor? What is the boss of Baidu? Even if the certification, I think the most qualified is also Baidu bar, here is not jump to comment, just feel very funny.

Do SEO as a person, you are doing, people looking at, who good who Lai, Baidu boss also look at it, so, do not be too arrogant, master such as cloud, but a lot of people do not leak, the Chinese people still like to do things--modesty, cautious, low-key people, too blatant who would not like, otherwise will be big loss. This article by Original, reprint please indicate the source of the author, thank you.

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