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Whether you are doing a CPA, CPS or other online money-making project, the promotion of the website is very important. The starting point of the promotion is based on the acquisition of fixed traffic, in order to improve product or service conversion rate, this process must learn to SEO technology. Therefore, we repeatedly stressed that Taobao customers need to learn the importance of SEO technology. However, as a seoer, you will find that the SEO process is a boring, boring, or even a very depressing process, not to say that the site's update how hard, the construction of the chain is more difficult, just the weight of the site directly let you enough helpless. Most people encounter this situation, why my site are original updates, why Baidu is always on my website hot and cold, today included 200, the key word ranked Top 20, after not half a month on the collection greatly reduced, ranked down 500 outside, this is how to return?

Any do Seoer will encounter such a process, the author is no exception, Baidu search you will get about this webmaster explanation, perhaps more comprehensive, perhaps not very accurate, but for our analysis of the site are helpful, this is not the author wants to write the original intention of this article. I just want to tell all seoer peers, do Baidu rankings, do SEO, must endure loneliness and suffering, only to be able to brush off the clouds to see the sun.

The author of this network to earn information station for example, the first 3 months of the establishment of the site has always been good, the main key words at least 5 to enter 30, of which there is a critical word "at home online how to make money" also jumped into the top 10, although said not to be a friend of pride, at least people feel bentou. Who want to, Baidu always like to use time to test a person's patience and will, no matter who's new station, always avoid intermittent right phenomenon, or the home page ranking in the back of the pages, or the site included continued to reduce, or the chain suddenly reduced ... These are signs of power down. This process, is the Baidu test stationmaster process, stationmaster's patient has how strong, executive power has how big, Baidu inspects to you to have much concern. Once you have learned to give up, collect some superfluous articles every day to throw into the Web site as a façade, long past, Baidu temper one, that suffer the suffering or stationmaster himself. In that case, what should I do? It seems that there is no other way than to prepare for the ordeal. Then our work may need to start with the following:

1, daily torment to update your website, in addition to original or original, let the collection with the wind and go. We'd rather spend more time trying to work on the original, and not risk being unable to roll over. Original is blood, false original may be venom, even if today is not poison you, time is long, early cancer will also be turned into late.

2, endure to get the weight for your website. It seems that there is no other way than to increase the chain outside. The new station is difficult to get high weight site recognition, how to do? If you have the money, you can buy the chain, but this may not work, because it also needs to bear the risk of "no effect". So, we may as well own to cultivate their own blog, spend 2-3 months of time to raise, as long as the intention to raise, but also lost in the purchase of the chain? You may find it difficult to endure for 2-3 months, but does it take so long to buy out the chain? Not to mention my blog I make the decision! Furthermore, We choose some high weight site outside the chain, pr=5 above the forum is our choice goal. In short, everything has to endure torment!

3, time can prove everything. We may not be able to identify this time period, but there will always be the results you expect, it may take 1 months, maybe 2 months or even longer. Do not worry, surrender right of the website, seriously to do, naturally have the opportunity to roll over. Not surrender right ranking is not very good website, stick to it will have the result you want.

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