Does the IFRAME Web page frame have any effect on website SEO?

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Today in the company encountered a SEO problem, other companies to the form of IFRAME Web page with our company's website Exchange advertising, product department requirements to an evaluation of SEO effect, my first reaction is that IFRAME has an impact on SEO, but the fact is not necessarily the case. Received this demand, I was a bit confused, because before this situation, but for the IFRAME has a vague impression, is the IFRAME Web page framework has an impact on the site. The IFRAME frame refers to the document in the document, should be nested structure, spiders generally can not crawl, unless you have links to this page.

Then asked the search engine marketing director Ray, asked very strange also is not professional, the question is: why they and we change the advertisement, do not use the picture to add the link but uses the IFRAME Web page frame structure? There are two reasons why the supervisor patiently explained:

1, the IFRAME Web page framework can give their site with traffic, as long as the user browsing this page, the other side will record this browsing, and the picture with connected advertising form only click in to calculate a traffic;

2, the IFRAME convenient update, the other side content update, this side will show, some of which are content ads.

Listen to him say so, I calculate understand, originally I to the IFRAME Web frame understanding is one-sided, thank Feng Director. What is the relationship between IFrame Web page framework and Web site optimization? I think this should be a concrete analysis of specific issues, why do you say so?

From the design of Web site construction, the IFRAME Web page framework for the site is a great impact, not only will affect the spiders crawl, and some browsers do not support IFRAME, affect the user experience, specific how much impact, is not very sure, recommended in the site optimization to avoid the IFRAME structure.

But from another aspect, for example, I met today to change the advertising bit of things, if only one or two small ads window, the impact on the site is still very little, but also conducive to the site, how to say it?

Originally changed the advertising bit is not to let spiders crawl, if it is the form of IFRAME, not exactly in line with this condition, all of the IFRAME ad bit or have a certain role, if it is other forms, but also to use the Nofollow property!

However, it is not possible to say that as long as the spider is not affected by the page, you can use the IFRAME Web page architecture? The answer is, of course, negative. The impact must be some, such as the impact of Web site performance, of course, this is only speculation, the specific impact of the later time. Feng Chunlei also and I said, if the site optimization process, if it is not to let spiders crawl which page, you can use other methods, such as JS, CSS files and so on, but if JS, CSS files, the performance of the site will still have an impact.

All said in the website optimization process, it is best to use less IFRAME, if you must use, of course, can also, as long as does not affect the SEO effect, then the IFRAME can still exist. This article is from, thank you!

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