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Station structure optimization, is the basis of SEO work. Good layout of the structure of the station, not only for users to find relevant pages and products convenient and quick, more search engine crawler on the site's index and crawl to provide a convenient. For E-commerce sites, because of the nature of the huge product data, categories and number of pages, so the effective layout of each page and link the level of relationship and location, not only related to the user experience, but also related to the search engine on the site crawl and included. Below, the Lion network continues to share with you the United States Lele Home network in the station structure optimization skills, in order to Zhengzhou SEO industry and e-commerce industry to provide a little help.

First, the homepage navigation layout column Entrance link


Open the home of the United States Lele Home Network, in the category of commodity level below the channel, there is a row of anchor text, pointing to "decorate the picture" "Information" "Forum" and other columns, open these columns, will find that each column is very rich in content, each column is like a small vertical class portal site, the article Optimization quantity and quality are very high. When for the long tail optimization of the number of articles, you can open into columns, each column dedicated to the release of a category of articles, and then set up the site home page of the entry navigation links for search engine spiders to crawl direction.

Two, the article and the merchandise page sets up the reverse link mutually


1, any open an article, will be on the right side of the article page, the "promotional items" recommended, showing the latest promotional 6 random products, and next to the "more" anchor text to guide users or spiders into the promotional product details page.


2, any open a product page, at the bottom of the page will have "customer real shot Show" function, show the user of the product of the actual shooting effect, continue to open any customer real shot picture link, will enter the BBS forum in the user post page.

3, this article page inserts the product link, the commodity page inserts the article link the skill, very conforms to the NET website structure optimization principle, the page mutually links, not only enables the user to understand the product to be able to know more knowledge, has enhanced the search engine to other page's crawl speed and the weight entrusts.

Third, when the user reaches a certain scale, open BBS forum drainage, improve user viscosity

Alexa query shows that the U.S. Lele home network of nearly 150,000 of the daily average, PV close to 1.7 million, an average of 11 pages per IP open, and BBS two-level domain name of the per capita page views reached 30 (home only 9.2), indicating that users of the forum's viscosity is very large, The converse also indicates that the forum's operating quality is also very high, indeed there are dry goods. Beauty Lele Home Network currently has a very large number of users, when the user reached a large scale, timely opening BBS forum two domain name, the benefits are very large.

1, because the content of the product page and forum posts vary greatly, the relevance of the content is not, when the number is very large, a domain name or under the domain name opened directory, have been unable to accommodate. Therefore, the opening of the two-level domain name, mutual does not affect, but also facilitate the classification of content management.

2, increased the number of sites included and the chain. When the number of users is very large, the site relies on the user to create content to maintain the content of the update, and the user wrote a high original posts, covering the long tail keyword is also very large, with the use of search engines and long tail keyword optimization. In addition, the forum in the post when the search engine is included, it is equivalent to the site to do a reverse chain, the effect is very good.

3, convenient website to the user's management, increases the user to return a visit. Forum Nature is a return to a very large form of the site, when a user buys a product, he needs a channel to satisfy his opinion of the product. In turn, when the old user posts are seen by new users, new users will also be considered, and the product evaluation between users is very powerful, Virtually to the website is also a word of mouth spread and promotion, increase the potential customer purchase possibility.

Iv. attaching importance to the optimization of pictures

Look at each product picture, will find each picture is very exquisite beautiful, the details of the treatment can be thoughtful. The alt description of the picture and so on optimization work also do very well. Click on each picture, with full screen display of special effects, user-friendly users very clearly see the details of each product, the user experience is very good. Ask, if you are ready to buy a product, and just the picture of this product is very clear and beautiful, all kinds of angles can be easily detailed browsing, you can not be tempted? At this moment, impulsive consumption, the possibility is very big.

On the article with you to share the United States Lele Home network article content SEO optimization skills, the above on the structure of its site optimization SEO experience, I hope to be engaged in the electrical industry optimization work colleagues some reference. Welcome to communicate more.

Article Original: Zhengzhou Lions network, Zhengzhou SEO website optimization, network marketing promotion, website construction, Welcome to contact us, mutual exchange and learning. (Original address http://www.movelion.com/archives/06101784.html)

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