Enable the QNX system, Haier smart refrigerator or the industry's "BMW"

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Smart appliances are rapidly developing. Many enterprises in China are actively deploying Smart appliances. Haier is the most typical. As a leader in the field of household appliances, Haier has made great efforts in the field of Smart Home Appliances in recent years. According to recent news, Haier may announce the development of high-end smart refrigerators for QNX systems at the IFA exhibition, this has aroused strong repercussions in the industry.
The IFA exhibition in Berlin, Germany is Europe's largest household appliances exhibition. The products and related technologies selected each year represent the top-level technologies in the household appliances industry, known as the Oscar of the household appliances industry. If rumors come true, it means that the smart refrigerator may change dramatically.

First, let's briefly introduce what is QNX system, which is a distributed real-time operating system developed by QNX software system Ltd. The operating system can run in both Intel x86, Pentium, and other CPU-centric hardware environments, as well as in hardware environments with CPU cores such as PowerPC and MIPS as the core. QNX operating systems comply with POSIX basic and real-time standards, so that their applications can be easily transplanted.
QNX has many advantages. Compared with Windows and Linux, QNX is faster and the interface is more elegant. Compared with other systems, QNX has a unique advantage in its superior security. It not only isolates files from viruses, but also prevents visits from any "Uninvited customers" through security settings. In addition, the QNX system features high stability, embedded real-time performance, and fast response speed. It has a high reputation in terms of user experience.
Since the QNX system has so many advantages, what value does it bring to Haier? What extraordinary experiences does Haier develop QNX system refrigerators for users?
According to Haier's strategy, Health and Human Intelligence will become Haier's R & D and innovation direction in recent years. The QNX system will play an important role. According to reliable news, Haier will launch the health module in the near future. The so-called health module refers to the future Haier refrigerator can identify the food, calculate the food calories, and then recommend recipes to users. After people take out the food, the refrigerator will also remind you how much heat the food contains. That is to say, this function will provide users with more valuable services from the perspective of nutrition and science.
This type of refrigerator can actively perceive the user's diet patterns, analyze them in detail and accurately, and form user data to provide customized Big Data health management for users. Since user data is involved, the QNX system not only provides basic functions and operations, but more importantly, its unique security mechanism can prevent user information from being leaked and ensure the security of user data.
By analyzing Haier's entire strategy, we can easily see that Haier will not only build smart refrigerators in terms of functions and human-computer interaction, but more importantly, this strategy will be implemented in a scientific and healthy manner. That is to say, users can not only feel the innovative functions and features of Smart appliances, but also play an important role in promoting their health. Therefore, Haier hopes to improve the user experience and product functions through the QNX system while further enhancing the value of products in scientific health care.
Furthermore, Haier's Smart appliances are a perfect system, which includes not only smart refrigerators, but also Smart TVs, smart washing machines, smart air conditioners and other products. In the home Iot era, every electrical appliance will become a terminal connected to the home Internet. How can this problem be solved? The QNX system provides a good solution.
If it is a bit illusory, let's look at the current application of the QNX system. In fact, General OnStar, BMW iDrive, Audi MMI, and Toyota/Lexus Entune all use QNX technology. QNX has a wide range of applications.
In terms of performance, the QNX system is also excellent. Take the BMW iDrive system as an example. Currently, iDrive provides about 700 features, including a variety of operations closely related to driving, common functions include on-board telephone, conventional control of air conditioners, constant control of audio systems, communication, and remote network services. It can be seen that the QNX system has very powerful scalability, and auto manufacturers can create a variety of functions and services based on it. This makes the QNX system the royal Operating System of BMW.
Today, Haier has successfully achieved "cross-border" innovation using the QNX system, so it is worth looking forward to. On the one hand, we are very concerned about whether the Haier QNX system refrigerator can shine well in IFA; on the other hand, we are also very concerned about how Haier can make full use of QNX to create a "BMW" product in the refrigerator industry. (Text/Wang yijian QQ: 543415188)

Enable the QNX system, Haier smart refrigerator or the industry's "BMW"

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