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As an SEO personnel, personal blog is essential, because it can help our SEO work, improve our knowledge of SEO technology, long-term blog can also know a lot of webmaster. Some of the more popular blog theme design is very beautiful, and very suitable for SEO, in the SEO industry competition in the case, personal blog optimization also come more laborious, after all, each webmaster are genuine SEO personnel, the station does not have a detail setting may affect the optimization of the blog.

Blog posts that often pay attention to others find that many blogs have some deficiencies, in addition to some of the shortcomings of the template (such as: Can not create navigation columns, the first page to show the accumulation of text in a piece, etc., for the user experience is very harmful), there are some optimization details did not do in place, such as a lot of blog is purely for SEO, Title of the constant accumulation of keywords, columns around the key to make, and did not take into account the user's feelings, personally think that such a blog is a failure, overall blog looks like a small site, which involves a lot of optimization matters.

WordPress Each plug-in has its own characteristics, can make up for some of the deficiencies in the blog, or to allow the blog to play a better optimization effect, but the plug-in is not perfect, the site installed more, will affect the opening speed, only the installation of control Plug-ins to obtain the best results. The following is to say WordPress blog must have several plug-ins.

One, no find related articles plug-ins

Do not find related articles The role of Plug-ins is: the use of data mining technology, intelligent matching related articles, and in the form of pictures to display. Although related articles can be called by the point of place in each article, but this plug-in through the form of illustrations, no doubt in the user experience and better results, clear and simple graphics and text may be the user's desire to read the reading:


Second, widget logic plugin

Links for a site weight and keyword ranking is essential, but we found that a lot of blog links have a defect, that is the whole station call, friendship links are generally only displayed on the home page OK, in order to let the blog to play this effect, widget logic plug-ins to help us this busy, Can be easily resolved friendship links only to show the problem in the home page, we only need to install this plugin, and then click on the widget in the background, in the link options to set up in the inside Add Is_home () &&!is_paged () This is done! As shown in figure:


three, all in one SEO pack plugin

Personal blogs are all about technology, general relevance and targeted very strong, bounce rate is very low, so each article we have to carefully handle, do not have a small detail, all in one SEO pack plug-in can let us each article add independent keywords, independent meta tags, Independent description, but also can automatically generate a summary of the details of an article processing play incisively and vividly. Please fill in one of the SEO pack plug-ins as shown in the figure:


Four, Baidu sitemap and Google XML sitemaps plug-ins

When a Web site content more, for the user crawl may be inconvenient, some put in the bottom of the article may be lost, so the establishment of site map is very necessary, through the site map can make spiders easy crawl, WordPress provides Baidu and Google Sitemap Plug-ins, The screenshot shows the two powerful plug-ins:


Five, return to the top of the plugin

Web site to do a good user experience need to start from a lot of details, the site returns to the top is a small detail, but in the user's role is big, when users browse to the bottom, if you want to use the mouse to pull, it is very troublesome, especially some very long pages, operation will be very troublesome, A return to the top of the tea can be easily achieved, in the WordPress tea Set Search Go-to-top plug-in, installation can be easily resolved. Screenshots:


Above five plug-ins, personal feel in WordPress personal blog optimization must use, not only can improve the user experience, but also conducive to the optimization of the site, and some other plug-ins have their own some advantages, only to add their own discretion, and finally to remind, the plug-in installed more will affect the opening speed of the blog! Article Original: I love the article bar http://www.52wz8.com/, reproduced please specify.

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