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Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. For the website SEO Health degree This series, today is going to do an end, the front I introduced to you 5 large aspects of six articles, each article I think are very valuable, because SEO health This is a new concept, perhaps in my article to remind you have begun to pay attention to it, Maybe you pay more attention to my article before, but after watching you more system, then I will be glad I give you some help. SEO for this simple and basic skills, it covers a wider range of, before we first talk about technology, and then we slowly put the strategy and strategy of the things into into, and then we are not satisfied, to the SEO inside with the network marketing part, Natural brand Marketing will be after we seo a key direction, this is our website in the future to do a good job SEO health an important indicator: the Site brand health.

Brand not only for a website is very important, for a company more important, in the early SEO we need to do is the basis of the optimization work, but in the latter part of our more need to do is the brand's health. Brand maintenance needs to accumulate constantly, so that the value of the brand in the user's heart constantly upgrade, so as to make the brand lasting, some brands, completely rely on the money, most of them will be aborted. Today, wooden son Chengzhou for everyone simply said website SEO Healthy brand Health building.

 1, the construction of brand health to be based on SEO health!

For a website, we must pay attention to the construction of the brand must first do a good job of the basis of the health of the SEO, because the foundation is not good, everything else is in the castle. The basics of SEO include the content of the site, programs, servers, domain name, within the chain, key words, outside the chain, etc., we have to do a lot of the previous article also gave you a lot of introductions, do these after the site's ranking will be a step by step, if we can do first, and long-term stability that is very good, This is a great help to the brand promotion. For example regions of SEO, fats and small evil have been in the first and second, their website has become a Beijing SEO area brand, their website SEO Foundation optimization To do very well, wait until these are done, and then in the first three stable 3 months ago, the brand naturally formed. SEO health, in order to ensure the health of the brand, sometimes our site by Baidu down the right, even the site's brand words are not search, a lot of time is because of the unhealthy SEO caused, so the basis to fight, the brand will naturally improve.

 2, the construction of brand health is to provide users with value!

I have always thought that we want to get how much value to pay the proportion of how much value, or to create the value of users, a brand of health success is whether we can create more value for users. Information type website, we need to provide users with the latest information, service-oriented site we need to highlight their own service advantages, and then do their job, product-oriented website focus on product performance, low prices, and high quality is definitely the first choice for everyone. No one's coming. Our site is with a search for the heart, one is because there are attracted to his news or information, a blind click. The former we are better for them to provide value, because their purpose is very clear, only need our website information to meet his requirements on it. The latter one will need to pay attention to guide, such as the article on the page to do related articles recommended, hot articles recommended, so it is likely to attract users to continue to visit other pages, or even the final deal. Value is the key word of brand health, don't be stingy, give people value, value will return to you.

 3, the concrete operation of the brand healthy construction!

Brand building, on the network we want to concrete operation, I have a few relatively good ideas, here to share with you, perhaps to everyone has touched.

A, set a brand keyword. For example, my thin smell rose blog, as long as the SEO, a search to sniff the rose, will certainly be able to find me, this keyword must be different, conducive to the establishment of the brand.

B, Baidu know to promote. For example, I am doing optimization, I need to take some single to maintain their lives, then I can do without Baidu know to do the link, just want to go to Baidu to know the answer to some of the questions on the promotion of SEO can be, in these problems with a fine smell rose blog. This is a lot of examples, I have a friend they do is the response network, is this operation, through Baidu to know that the flow of about thousands of IP per day.

C, soft text promotion. Soft paper is the effect of strong communication, good soft wen will be a lot of sites reproduced, I have a friend is to do the flower delivery site, his brand story is very good, because it is a very nice love story, we can go to see the love still flower nets, see the brand story, if they do soft wen promotion, Brand awareness will certainly be better promoted.

D, advertising promotion. This is a way to burn money, but sometimes very strong, if you have the strength, Sina Sohu, such a large site to buy a picture ads, I believe that your brand awareness will be very good promotion, before the customer is such a big operation.

OK, about the website brand health Some ideas on the introduction here, as long as the grasp of these three points, we will be able to do a good job of brand health. Friends who want to communicate with me can add my qq:843745641.

This article by miracle into a boat, Shanghai Web Site Construction Association Network ( NET series published, Welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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