300 tons of wastewater cooling tower in Wuling pharmaceutical industry

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Analysis of wastewater quality in pharmaceutical industry
Most of the pharmaceutical wastewater has the characteristics of high concentration of organic matter, high chroma, difficult to degrade and toxic to microorganism, complex water composition and poor biochemical properties. Residual antibiotics and high concentrations of organic matter in waste water make the traditional biological treatment method difficult to achieve the desired treatment effect, because of the strong inhibition of residual antibiotics on microorganisms make aerobic bacteria poisoning, resulting in aerobic treatment difficulties, and anaerobic treatment of high concentrations of organic matter is difficult to meet the effluent standards, but also need further treatment.

What is the 300 ton sewage cooling tower ?
300 tons of sewage cooling tower is a flying group of the cooling tower factory production of the use of sewage to do circulating cooling water cooling equipment, its role is mainly to exclude the pharmaceutical industry in the production equipment in the operation of the waste heat generated in the process. At run time, after the pretreatment of the sewage flow through the equipment, the absorption of heat was sent to the pharmaceutical industry sewage cooling tower of the water system, from a large nozzle spray to the filler; at the same time, air from the bottom of the cooling tower inlet, with water countercurrent through the filler, a small portion of water is evaporated, thereby removing heat, reduce water temperature The hot and humid air is discharged from the top of the ventilator into the atmosphere. The cooled water falls to the water tray and back to the heat source.

What are the characteristics of 300 tons of sewage cooling towers?
-high standards of thermal performance design

The process design of 300 ton wastewater cooling tower is designed using the authoritative software "Ctitoolkit" promulgated by CTI, and is checked according to the method of gb7190.2-1997. In the system, there are some design allowances, which fully guarantee the normal use of the tower under unfavorable meteorological conditions and impact load.

--Integrated design of the whole tower in harmony with the site

In order to harmonize the appearance of 300 tons of sewage cooling tower with the surrounding environment, our company can provide the overall planning requirements of the plant and propose the tower design scheme for customers to review.
In order to effectively avoid the free drainage of the tower panel residue stains phenomenon, to maintain the appearance of the tower, the tower using the top platform drainage technology, the tower of water concentration from the tower drainage system discharge. This technology invests little and is aesthetically practical.

-Reliable design of the tower body parts

The use of flying group production of high-efficiency low-noise fan, and the fan put forward a high standard of configuration requirements; Motor supporting the use of flying group production of explosion-proof motor (protection class Ip55,f class, explosion-proof class dIIBT4). To ensure the overall performance of 300 tons of sewage cooling tower.

-Non-metallic design

In the design of sewage cooling tower in pharmaceutical industry, the anticorrosion of equipment is an important part of the quality assurance of the tower, the corrosion resistance of the components of the tower directly affects the overall performance of the tower, 300 tons of sewage cooling tower components as far as possible to use non-metallic design, such as fillers, sprinklers, water collector, piping and other plastic materials , the wind cylinder and other components are made of FRP products, and the suspension parts of the water distribution system are stainless steel parts to improve the corrosion resistance of the tower parts.

What are the benefits of the pharmaceutical wastewater cooling tower used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry?

At home, there are very few pharmaceutical enterprises because they do not find suitable for their own wastewater treatment program, the cost of a huge investment, pharmaceutical wastewater treatment can not meet the standard, or waste water treatment facilities after the completion of the high cost of operation, resulting in expensive pharmaceutical sewage treatment equipment has become a decoration, these are very common phenomenon!

I produced the pharmaceutical industry special sewage cooling tower Synergy Strong, comprehensive effect, can improve the biochemical nature of wastewater, with the primary treatment of sewage matching good, easy to operate, low operating costs, use it for production equipment cooling, sewage only through pretreatment (sieve, removal, precipitation, etc.), Can be used in the pharmaceutical industry production equipment related cooling, no need to deal with the back to the water, this way has produced good social benefits, but also for enterprises to improve economic efficiency.

If your company belongs to the pharmaceutical enterprises, you can be the amount of sewage, the water quality after treatment and specific requirements to inform the Ling Ke sewage cooling tower manufacturers, we will help you to design for the pharmaceutical industry Wastewater Cooling Tower Program for your reference choice.

300 tons of wastewater cooling tower in Wuling pharmaceutical industry

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