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This is a busy time for Google Docs. When Google seeks to reduce its budget, it is inevitable that a free or low-priced product like Google Docs will be at risk. On the one hand, Google constantly launches new features for its own products, such as offline Gmail. On the other hand, other vendors such as Microsoft and Apple have also launched their own online office products. For these reasons, the venturebeat reporter called Google Docs product manager Jonathan Rochelle to give a brief interview with Google Docs.

VB: Can you tell us about Google Docs and Google Web?Program?

JR: there will be a lot of integration, and we have seen a lot of it. The Gmail lab has started integration in the cloud sense, not just Google
Integration between programs, but integration in this cloud computing field. This is not only good for users, but also for enterprises. Cloud integration is a pain point for local applications. In addition, we will add social benefits to these products.

VB: In your opinion, does the fear of Enterprise acceptance of cloud applications change?

JR: this fear is easing, or even moving in the opposite direction. That is to say, people are afraid of the previous system. Because the new cloud system is more open, easier to access, and safer. For example, I don't trust my laptop very much, because once I lose my laptop, the trouble will come. The same is true for companies of any size.

VB: Microsoft and Apple have both announced the launch of Online office products. Does this change your positioning of Google docs?

JR: I don't think so. What we launch is not based on competition, but on user needs. In addition, it is not a good thing to have only one of us in the market (cloud applications.

VB: many of my friends have encountered a lot of troubles when using Google Docs, because they lack a lot of functionality compared with the desktop word processing program. Do you think these criticisms are fair?

JR: I think from a functional perspective, Google Docs
It is not as powerful as the desktop word processing program, but we are also improving our functions. However, our goal is not to add a bunch of features and become more difficult to use. Our goal is to satisfy the vast majority of people, not those who want
Person with full font and paging. Our features are less than those of desktop programs, but they are not concealed. If you want to make newspaper layout, you obviously need a special program.

VB: there is a widely accepted saying that when facing economic pressure, cloud applications like Google will be more attractive. Has this occurred since the financial crisis?

JR: It's hard to say, because we have a large number of users, but we haven't found any associations with the same economy. Of course, this is self-evident. For example, people are getting more and more interested in cheap computers (netbook). If you spend $300, you can buy a good and enough computer. I have heard that more people are studying our products. Of course, I don't have an accurate number.

VB: Are there any surprises when people use Google docs?

JR: some users use Google docs to replace their desktop word processing programs to create and share documents, because this experience is better. I also saw people playing Google Docs spreadsheet art, playing online, even in the office.

Have you ever played?

VB: No.

There are a lot of surprising things that you can quickly send out a form or send to a group of people who reply directly in this form. In the past, people used to send feedback via e-mails, which were collected manually. We
I'm glad to see some gaming companies using Google docs in the gameCommunityCollect information and track personal information. For example, several people use Google Docs.
Share diet recipes.

I had an interesting experience. I had a person who was training with us. We separated them later, but I continued to update those documents and display them in his list, one day I opened those documents and found that he left useful messages on them.

VB: Google Docs is currently only profitable through Google Apps packages for commercial users, right?

JR: Yes. It is good for us to make profits, because we basically use this as a public service, and we find that people are willing to pay for such a program.

VB: we have heard a lot about Google tightening its belts, saying that Google should focus on its core products. Does this affect your team?

JR: in general, we haven't arrived yet, but it's not impossible. Working as a product manager at Google is different from working in other companies. You don't have to worry about the sales revenue. We are also under pressure, but how can we make users happy.

VB: The last question. When will you remove the beta tag?

JR: I don't have a schedule, because we don't use it as a beta product internally. From the heart, we have done everything we can, but we do not want to simply put away those risky things. We will establish very clear standards for how to do it.

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