Haier layout the internationalization of kitchen and electricity industry and the new orientation of scene

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Earlier this month, at the 2016 Expo event in Qingdao, Haier issued a heavy message to the participating media, consumers and distributors, consisting of Haier Kitchen power, American GE, New Zealand Fisher&paykel, International high-end brand Casarte and five major brands. Haier Department of Kitchen Electricity "Matrix formally established. Information learned from the scene, Haier's this trend or will reveal two aspects of the message: first, "Haier Department kitchen Electricity" will be a comprehensive approach to international strategy, another is Haier will be through this brand matrix to create a scene of the user experience, from the scene of the star Hood, temperature control anti-dry burning gas stove, Combi steamer All-in-one machine and other Chinese and Western kitchen appliances products, the accuracy of this message has been quite obvious.

This almost means that Haier ushered in a "rebirth" situation.

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1, Haier restructuring 5 major brand matrix or boost the internationalization process

Haier at the 2016 Expo event exhibition on the promulgation of a new brand matrix strategy, both in strategic decision-making or marketing, compared to other brands have a very different significance, in which the unification of the five major brand matrix approach, but also Haier in the field of kitchen electricity, the new movement to the front desk. For the current volume of Haier, from the brand itself to the layout of a new brand Matrix way, has been enough to call Haier brand and business of the new overall planning, to a certain extent, this move will also mean Haier in the market and brand new journey.

From the official information, Haier's 5 major brand matrix corresponding to the market and users, brand positioning situation is as follows:

"Haier kitchen electric positioning smart kitchens: mainly for the mainstream of modern urban elites, to provide them with Chinese and Western-style integration of quality of life; GE Positioning Professional Kitchen: Mainly for the urban upper middle-class and affluent groups, the main push internationalization, American way of life;fisher& Paykel positioning Social Kitchen: for the urban Peak group to create, luxury lifestyle + design to highlight identity; Casarte Location Art kitchen: For the urban affluent groups to provide a high-end exquisite lifestyle that suits their tastes; Commander-in-Chief positioning Fashion kitchen: Customize the kitchen for young people who want a minimalist lifestyle. ”

In this set of detailed information in the introduction, in addition to Haier will be different user groups for more refined market segmentation, international brand is Haier revealed the most obvious information, such as the United States GE and other focus on internationalization, American lifestyle brand position, is directly foil the Haier's international pace is already in practice. In addition, throughout the current Haier in the market brand performance and performance, it is naturally not difficult to launch an international strategy is the need for Haier is very close to the demand strategy, so this re-return to the brand matrix, it will mean that Haier to the world's leading kitchen electricity omen.

2, Evangelism scene experience era: Re-return user quality requirements

In the intelligent and the Internet into the trend of the situation, leveraging the industry trend to complete the kitchen electric product experience upgrade, become the inevitable trend in the field of kitchen electricity. In this regard, Haier's initiative is the first through the Tamping technology research and development with the characteristics of the Times products, and then through the user experience and demand-oriented product upgrade program, ultimately to create a series of users to fuse the trend of the times and innovative functional experience of new products. Haier since the creation of the kitchen Electricity category in 1996, its research and development of the world's first disinfection cabinet to refuse disinfection, the initiative wind with the Fire series of the Sky Lampblack Machine and other innovative products is this kind of model. The move to re-layout the 5-big-brand matrix means that Haier has a guarantee for creating an innovative user experience.

For example, temperature control and dry burning gas stove with 0.3kw-4.5kw ultra-wide-band firepower, in addition to be able to handle the Western food, but also to prevent dry-burning temperature probes to ensure the function and convenience of the parallel experience, and then such as the Star hood of the initiative "capture-type" oil fume separation technology, not only efficient purification of the inner core, And the amount of oil fume is only 1/12 of other products, these innovative features not only meet the basic functional needs of users, but also in the pioneering and innovative aspects of a leap-forward.

In the internet age, Haier is on the basis of this innovation, and strive to create a new style of scene experience. Through the creation of a scene kitchen throughout the country, for users to create including home appliances display, life scene experience, technology experience in one of the way of experience shop, it means that the user experience Haier at a distance to create a Chinese and Western kitchen lifestyle. In addition, Casarte also through the annual "Think to enjoy" theme culture timely to the user to disseminate the way of life, these from the product to the cultural concept of the combination, all reveal the Haier sermon scene experience era is coming.

3. "Haier Department kitchen Electric" chess game: lead the new era

Haier has rewritten the rules of industry development by re-layout the 5 major brands. In the past times, all kitchen electric manufacturers are only doing a good job in product production and marketing, but in the increasingly intelligent trend of today, Haier on the basis of a comprehensive Shenxianshizu into the new era of product experience, product and experience in the spirit of excellence, to a certain extent, will set an exemplary role for industry enterprises. For Haier, this result also fully proves that Haier's competitive advantage in experience and quality has been perfected.

In addition, Haier to promote the scene experience era to provide users with better quality experience, such as in the product, Haier in addition to the introduction of a series of high-end kitchen electricity products, but also in the country to create a scene kitchen, for users to create including home appliances display, life scene experience, technology experience in one of the experience shop, Let users experience the Chinese and western style of life of Haier from a close distance. According to the introduction, Haier is expected to build 1000 impressions of the kitchen in the country, Casarte will establish 100 creative art Living Hall, with the scene to build up the ecological circle of interaction with users, closer to the user's distance.

This re-layout of the 5 major brand Matrix, will be the integration of global resources Haier, the formation of a global brand lineup, for different segments of the consumer to provide high-end, sophisticated kitchen electric solutions and meet consumer demand for quality, will play a positive role in promoting. At the same time, through the innovative, forward-looking layout of brand management thinking, but also fundamentally to ensure that Haier advocates and lead the scene of the era, the future or will become the leader of this era development vane of a new starting point.

Haier layout the internationalization of kitchen and electricity industry and the new orientation of scene

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