Intelligent Building Industry Oscar: 2015 annual "China Intelligent Building Brand Award" announced!

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                                                                                         ------ Rosenberg won the top ten brands in integrated cabling

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Recently, the 2015 annual "China Intelligent Building Brand Award" was held by QJ.Smart.Tech thousands of smart guests at the Oriental Hotel in Guangzhou. The scene of a total of 99 awards, on the promotion of the year, user reputation and other aspects of the brand enterprises have significant achievements in recognition of their construction of the intelligent industry has played a prominent contribution to the development. The award has been known in the industry as "intelligent building industry Oscar", with objective, open, authoritative professional to win the industry's high attention and recognition of users.

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German Rosenberg and the United States, Simon and other brands in the United States once again won the 2015 comprehensive cabling Top ten brand awards. China Engineering Construction Standardization Association expert Zhang Yi as the award guest, for the 2015 annual comprehensive cabling ten brands each manufacturer one by one awards, Rosenberg Asia-Pacific optical fiber and data communication product line general Manager Mr. Miusun, accepted by thousands of brand laboratories issued by the 2015 China Integrated Cabling Ten brands this important award.

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Mr. Miusun, general manager of optical fiber and datacom products, Asia Pacific, delivered an important acceptance speech on behalf of the award-winning cabling brand. It is gratifying to receive the award, which is an affirmation of the hardships and efforts made in the past and the achievements that have been surpassed. But at the same time, the award is a new spur, Rosenberg as a data center and the leader of the integrated cabling industry, will continue to make due contributions to China's intelligent industry in the future.

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Intelligent Building Industry Oscar: 2015 annual "China Intelligent Building Brand Award" list announced!

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