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July 25, 2011 10:00 Japanese SEO well-known seo/sem expert Juyong came to Beijing SEO team Live, the theme is "Beijing Interactive" Today guests: Japan SEO Juyong and you meet, to uncover the mystery of the Japanese Yahoo rankings, this Juyong brought us an example is " The mystery of Japan's Yahoo rankings, the Japanese SEO market, as well as the charging way "to share the experience with examples is indeed a very practical and persuasive method, and the scene with the user interactive collation."

The Japanese search engine market is mainly Yahoo, and the Japanese production technology are relatively conservative, good technology has never come out to share, good software also have no one-time buyout possibility, are paid every month to use. Faced with these, the face of technology does not share, there is a good software can not buy a paragraph of the situation, you have any feelings, the following let Japan SEO to uncover this layer of mystery for us.



Juyong: Hello everyone, my name is Juyong Lei, the former name is Changlei seven years, now a chain of Japanese beauty shop work, is responsible for the company's chain of Beauty Shop network promotion, in the country can do Japanese SEO company very few. Know Japanese, can also do internal optimization. Japan National Association of SEO members. We are committed to the construction of Sino-Japanese cultural exchange platform and have a deep understanding of Japanese social formation.

User: Well, then please give us an analysis of the situation of foreign SEO, especially the Japanese SEO.

Juyong: The Japanese are more conservative, mainly to do Yahoo. Google accounts for only about 20%. Once in the Japanese Yahoo to achieve the upper expression, will be some other small search included. Japan does not have Baidu, Baidu only Chinese market. So all the big companies in Japan are spending money on Yahoo. All I'm saying is the Japanese search engine is Google, Yahoo, MSN

Users: Mainly to do Yahoo? and other search engines are just a small part of it, right?

Juyong: Yes, mainly in Japanese Yahoo.

Netizens: As Seoer our most concerned about the problem, nature is the development prospects of Japan's SEO, but also how to treat?

Juyong: The Japanese market demand for SEO is still very large, if the early, take advantage of the opportunity, the industry is still quite potential. For a mature SEO engineer, of course, here also includes SEM, 10 million yen per year, according to the current exchange rate of 800,000 yuan a year, this is only guaranteed wages. The rest depends on its own ability.

If you are responsible for SEO/SEM in China, what are the necessary conditions to turn to foreign markets?

Juyong: Language and knowledge of the exclusive industry. Japan's Yahoo SEO optimization, the proportion of internal optimization is very large, I give you see a website, this site is a Japanese SEO business team in the www.vsvivica.com

Netizens: As a Japanese SEO more pay attention to the station, then what do you do in the station?

Juyong: Japan SEO station is mainly to pay attention to soft wen, meta!www.yahoo.co.jp we can search here will know

NET friend: Yes! This seems to feel that foreign and domestic actually difference is not small, but in proportion to the score. For example, domestic Baidu, key words accounted for 0.3, and to foreign countries may be 0.1?!!

Juyong: Yes, same. Take the previous mention of the site PR only 4, but in the rankings have surpassed the PR6 site, but there are still many reasons for the rankings. This website's SEO is very specialized, uses is the Black hat technique. Register a large number of domain names, automatically generate Web pages, and then add text anchors.

NET friend: Well, that's understandable. But do the domestic SEO people will find a problem, Google and Baidu keyword optimization are done very well, ranking is also very good, but the Yahoo rankings is another matter, is not because Yahoo's algorithm is more special?

Juyong: Yes, Google and Yahoo have a completely different optimization focus. Yaho mainly focus on internal optimization, the internal importance of about 80%. The website mentioned above can bring us great enlightenment. A successful Black Hat technique this site is not the same as the face of customers, mainly in the face of a number of Japanese apparel retailers, and even if the SEO in Japan to achieve superior, not enough! It's just one of them! Just clothing category, want to let us study, the site of the Black Hat gimmick, very classic. Japan's SEO companies are a lot of this technique, register a large number of free domain names, automatically generate Web pages, in the automatically generated pages with anchor connection. Those sites are meaningless, and are included in Google, which is the difference between Google and Yahoo.

Netizen: Well, I also want to ask you a question, that Japanese SEO competition and charge is how?

Juyong: The competition is also very intense, the charge words, this should also be different from the domestic, the domestic is to talk about a good down payment, how much, and then maintain how much. And Japan's words are based on the results of the charge, the specific is to charge daily, there are SEO report every day, can not enter the first 10 is not charged, and then the charge is to keep the number of days on the home page to charge, how much money a day.

Netizens: Thank you for your busy schedule to take time to solve the problem for us, let us have a further understanding of the Japanese SEO, thank you!

The above question and answer paste original link: http://bbs.bjteam.org/thread-28219-1-1.html for Juyong and Netizen Interactive discussion essence collation, Juyong is Japan National SEO Association member, hope his answer can give you dispel doubt. By the Beijing Interactive SEO Forum to organize the release.

Japan well-known SEO Juyong: share about the Japanese SEO net earned everything

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