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Article Description: Lok Tao Mobile end shopping experience.

Some time ago to see a message that is Jingdong Mall mobile phone trading volume has reached 2 million, in the heart of a surprise, mobile E-commerce has developed so quickly?

Looking at the Wang Hua share of mobile Internet data, March 2011 iphone Download Application of the list of Taobao has risen to sixth place, in the application of tools and game applications download boom in the past, E-commerce began to show up.

I am not very understanding of mobile E-commerce, their online shopping is done in the computer, never tried to use mobile phone shopping, I planned when to experience a. And then the opportunity came.

The following stories are the real experience of ink and wash, and the conclusions are only for reference.

First, access to customer

I was browsing the video of Renren to see Le King this advertisement, knnic cold drag, 69 yuan, at that time feel this pair of shoes modelling is very good, on the point of advertising to see.

Le King ads and Le King website design as concise, product highlighting, looks good.

Second, guide customers

Le Amoy This special shoe is a series, I have a few pairs of shoes have seen the next, during a little accident is that I did not think of the music Amoy put out of those pairs of shoes incredibly male and female funds, I picked the favorite pair, to buy when found to be women's shoes, had to pick again. After I pick up a new paragraph, before buying, I found that the price of shoes next to this word, "mobile phone music Amoy down a single stand minus 10 Yuan."

I am looking for the product stage, I feel the whole experience is very fluent, Le King give me the biggest impression is that these points do better. One, the Product List page design is very reasonable, the picture has no outside frame, and visual focus only product pictures and product prices, there is no other extraneous elements of interference; second, the page loading speed quickly, the filter condition changes, the picture refresh time not more than one second; three, the product page picture is big enough, Le King's product photography one sees lets the person feel professional , each product is 7 different shooting angle, and the picture's clarity is very good, enhance the value of the product, let people have the desire to buy.

Third, the transformation of customers

I looked at the mobile phone's promotional page, just a feeling, 69 dollars of shoes if it can be cheaper 10 dollars that more value. I Le King the Android user side, installation and use are quite smooth, is my original account how also login not up, let me very confused, why I can log on the computer, on the phone can't log in? Finally, I did not control this, directly with the shoes of the goods encoded in the mobile phone found on the pair of shoes, in filling out the purchase information, I came across strange things, not to say that the mobile phone to buy to reduce 10 Yuan Mody, how here or show 69 Yuan? I hesitated, think or buy it, not very care about the 10 dollars, shoes feel is very good.

Shopping on the internet is always very sensitive to the price of people who want to buy cheap and good things, I am no exception, so that the mobile phone to buy 10 yuan for me is a temptation. In addition, the mobile phone side of the Le King for me to come over the user to use is very convenient, a login mobile phone, the top is a very large search box, I entered the product code can be viewed after the purchase of products, to fill in the content is the recipient's address and mobile phone number, and then immediately settled. This middle step does not select the payment method and select the option of the collection time, the direct default delivery to the payment and the work day, this is also just suitable for me.

Iv. Confirmation of Orders

Le King to submit orders after a customer service confirmed the link, I bought on the phone, in the computer to check the order information found this customer service confirmation link did not say wait time, this is a bit awkward, only customer service confirmed before delivery. But I also order in the middle of the night, then how to do, she will not call me in the middle of the night? These two points are Le King on the page without explanation. I waited for a while, did not have the telephone to come in, I thought the next night to call to ask, that 10 dollars I still remember.

Five, customer service confirmation

The next night was just Saturday, I had a lazy sleep, still did not receive a call. I think well, since you do not give me confirmation, then I call you back, the result of a dozen depressed, played three times, three times busy, no one can answer. The fourth time finally someone answered, I complained with that customer service, I said that your cell phone set minus 10 Yuan is a lie, why I did not reduce? The customer service actually said the special offer and buys the not to reduce. I said your page doesn't have that description! Then I asked you what the customer service confirmation is, how long does it takes to get to the bottom of the list before you call? Customer service said that she is generally confirmed the day of the order. That means customers don't know how long they have to wait. It's not very good. Customer Service said you can confirm the information with me now, I said OK, and then my list goes into the stocking stage.

P.S. I also not bad that 10 dollars, and I found that the customer service did not have the right to help me reduce 10 yuan, or forget, let her respond to the above, this does not deceive it.

Vi. Customer Receipts

Monday just work not long, the phone came, Le King is used to send the goods, people under the floor, let me down to take. After I went down, I told him I wanted to try the shoes first, he helped me to remove the tape, checked the shoes, tried, or satisfied, payment, signature, leave.

Le King return time is 7 days, this I do not want to experience, toss why not.

Seven, later

Today, when I wrote this article, I was back in Le King's cell phone, I wanted to review its function and process, and found something unexpected.

That pair of shoes is rising!!!

It turns out to be a price, 69. Now it's two prices, 99, and Android exclusive price of 89.

Is this a god-horse situation?

Did I get a result of my complaint? The result of the complaint is to let others buy the shoes more expensive? Or an Android exclusive? This is really not understood.

In general, this whole shopping experience, I still feel quite fluent, although some places are not satisfactory, but can be accepted.

I believe that mobile shopping will change the way we shop! Mobile end shopping will also change the mode of E-commerce! Not just the phone! and a tablet!

It is said that Apple also wants to put a foot in E-commerce, hey, that's interesting. Apple vs Google vs Amazon.

Finally bask in the shoes that I bought, Le King's product photography does give the Force ha.

Water and ink to buy the cool drag

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