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Article Description: mature products, integration, just a day-to-day work. Go down the market and the user line.

Product integration and get through not only Tencent, Shanda, Sina such a multiple product line of large companies will encounter, the large companies will face a number of small product line between the reunification, small and medium-sized companies will face a small number of products of different lines of integration between the collaboration. The purpose seems to be clear, the product resources sharing, product surface expansion, the advantage maximize, increase the market competitiveness of products.

First, whether from the beginning of product design to consider integration?

Product design at the beginning of the consideration of integration is based on the overall product line planning, each product line planning out, divided into various product groups for project development, often consider later product integration through. Normal thinking will require the line of product personnel to reserve such an interface, or for the future of such a docking plan.

This will result in two kinds of results, one is ill-conceived, there is always such an interface is not considered, there is always such a plan did not expect, later docking or to be reconstructed to meet the needs of product integration, the two are thoughtful, all aspects are considered clear, and even do not need, in order to later no longer redevelopment and redevelopment. will make the product very heavy to adapt to the needs of later integration.

No matter what kind of results, are not worth it, the former consider not to consider, will be bungled fighter jets, even if not bungled fighter, will waste a variety of resources, increase project investment.

Second, quickly occupy the market side is the best policy

Marty Cagan said a evaluation of product standards, not according to income calculation, not according to profit calculation, not according to user volume calculation, and not according to page traffic calculation, his indicator is the user net recommended value. (Specific standard reference inspired:how to create products customers love seventh).

No matter what kind of evaluation of the product standards have to have such a prerequisite, the product into the market, has been to the user. We all know that the impossible products are successful, Google, Facebook, Baidu, Sina, Shanda, Tencent also, the best way is rapid development, put into the market for testing, and then after.

Failure naturally does not need to consider the integration, the success of natural energy and financial resources, time for integration.

Again, along with the product in the market performance, the optimization, the new function development, the change will affect the original planning product function and the structure, should not consider the integration, the preferential consideration market. Products can be open hands and feet, do not ponder.

Third, there is no standard to conformity?

Markets and users are standards. The success of the initial product into the market, the user needs will be greeted, pumping out the useful demand will directly push your product forward, will naturally push you to carry out product integration, to this, the integration will be successful.

Again and the first phase of comparison, at this time the success of the product is determined, at least in the short term will not fail; the market goal is fixed, at least clearer; The user base is defined, the definition is clearer, and the overall product line direction is revised at least in practice.

Mature products, integration, just a day-to-day work. Go down the market and the user line.

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