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Taobao large quantity of school recruitment interview: The feeling of recruiting product manager

Article Description: Some records of the school recruit product manager. 10, 11th, two days, in the Nanjing School recruit, as the first face, face 34 candidates, I am not high standard, put half of the people over, after all, there are two sides and end face. To this day, Taobao large number of school recru

NetEase 2018 School Recruit Pen Test-array can not meet the reordering of any adjacent element product is a multiple of 4

[i]% 4 = = 0) { -four++; - - } in } - //A multiple of 4 is greater than half-1 of the array's length, which can satisfy a[i] and a[i+1] must have a multiple of 4, thus missing all even-numbered cases, such as 2 2 6 to if(Four >= length-four-1) { + return true; - } the //The number of multiples of 4 must be greater than or equal to odd number (if there are odd words), at the same time, an even number must be at least 2, 1 3 5 4 4 4

"The whole history of business strategy": The mainstream Business school theory hundred Years of melee history: the orientation School and the ability school hit, the innovation school prevailed. Five-Star recommendation

This book summarizes the mainstream ideas of business school professors over the past 100 years, and the practical consequences of companies that use these ideas for guidance. Can be a quick read on mainstream business school ideas.There are a lot of charts in this book that are not working well on the Kindle and are also available on the KINDLEPC version.Here is a excerpt from some of the most important po

Is it possible for high school math teachers to write high school math problems with Python? PS: High School Doll One

enumeration, is not the trigonometric functions and poor ah and the difference between the product Ah, more than what Fourier transform Gauss that what. I think it's justifiable to have a B. After all, superiority can achieve a certain degree of success. But math is really important, as long as you are not determined to do in the IT industry only a few key words to remember the typist ... In fact, I think, you are just pure Love show superior only, o

The product category page returns the current category ID, and the product details page returns the default product store product name-name.

1 On the product details page, obtain the product name --- name and link of the default store of the current product. $ Storeid = Mage: APP ()-> getstore ()-> GETID ();If ($ storeid! = 1 ){$ Product = Mage: GetModel ('catalog/product ')-> Setstoreid (1)-> Load ($ _

I saw primary school students go to school yesterday and remembered my student age.

, you will be the only child of a rich man or the Prince and Princess of a big official. All of them are like coal miners. Back to School, wow ...... Really good. I have been playing for 2 days. Together with roommates, the school environment is set up, and it takes two hours to get around for one lap. The school's air scenery is really good ...... College life is very comfortable, not as rich and wonderful

[Bayes] Bayesian School and frequency School

I, "Detector, if I ask a statistician from the Bayesian school, if ......""[Throw] I am a neutron detector, not a maze guard. To be honest, is your mind broken .""[Throw]... yes" The stalk of the maze guard:There are two roads in the maze, respectively leading to the destination and traps. Each intersection has a guard, one of which only tells the truth and the other only tells lies, they all know what is behind the road and what each other is talkin

A school high school students use Python, clever access to test results, see results after speechless!

Python is a very attractive programming language, and learning Python is not a handsome guy or a beauty. Why do you say that? Because my girlfriend and I are learning python, the small part must be handsome, not to doubt, and I have high vision.Tell a story to everyone, first of all, you have the kind of people around you can invade the school intranet? To be reasonable, you are certainly not a code-knocking without you, at least not yet. I also met a

Tencent Classroom School Group where? How to join the school group?

1, we open in the mobile phone "Tencent class guest" and then after entering the "Tencent classroom main interface" to find the navigation bar above the school Group function option effect is shown below 2, okay, after opening the entry, we find the school group page, if you have not joined the group before, then in my school group there is no

Product management, product planning, product design

Product management, product planning, product design At, I really couldn't sit down. Zhou Yang went out to work, and I got up and said hello to Liang Zi: "Liang Zi, I am going to meet someone !" After that, I grabbed the notepad on the desk and quickly left the office. The bright girl was puzzled: "What about 20 minutes ?" Where did he know my mind? I went ther

Yuantiku announced that it received a C round of $15 million billion in funding and will launch the junior high school question bank to get more middle school students. K12 is the focus of the future.

Today, yuantiku announced that it has received a C round of $15 million billion in funding. This round of investment is Jingwei China and IDG Capital. After this round of financing, yuantiku's valuation is USD 0.125 billion. Latitude and longitude China and IDG Capital are also the first two rounds of investors in yuantiku. In 2012, yuantiku received an IDG of $2.2 million in a round of financing, in 2013, the company received $7 million in Round B funding from Jingwei and IDG respectively. We

[Product manager] Who is the product manager and what is the product manager doing?

I recently read su Jie's "Everyone is a product manager", and I have a lot of insights. I would like to write something to share with you. Speaking of the product manager, many Daniel introduced Mr. Jose's "the first book of the product manager", and everyone regarded him as a standard. Here, we don't mean all of them, of course, some people disagree. Many peop

[Reprinted] the difference between going to school and not going to school

Difference between going to school and not going to school Dr. Zhang is a classmate of mine. For a long time, we have been comparing two extremes. I used to be his nightmare, but now he is my dream. Now I will list my history with him, and I will once again deeply feel the eternal truth of the stream of wind and water. 1. First day of Primary School Admission I t

Differences between going to school and not going to school)

Dr. Zhang is a classmate of mine. For a long time, we have been comparing two extremes. I used to be his nightmare, but now he is my dream. Now I will list my history with him, and I will once again deeply feel the eternal truth of the stream of wind and water. 1. On the first day of elementary school admission, I told my teacher that I would recite 301 Tang Poems and add and subtract less than 100 poems. My mouth was clear and clear, and my teacher s

Product design PM Design Product Management: 9-step method of product design

Article Description: product Design "Nine steps". Many pm have a dream: To change the world with their own design products, while earning a pot full, but 10 years unchanged entry-level salary, but let people touch the reality is bone. If you are a PM, are following a Montana, it proves that you are not only a lucky person, but also in product design gifted, this article can be used for your refe

Product Design: Product integration and product planning

Article Description: mature products, integration, just a day-to-day work. Go down the market and the user line. Product integration and get through not only Tencent, Shanda, Sina such a multiple product line of large companies will encounter, the large companies will face a number of small product line between the reunification, small and medium-size

Product Planner Experience Sharing: Product planning is more than product planning

Article Description: the accomplishment of product planning. I am a product planning, have been planning for a year, the record of their own experience. From the beginning to the end, I only believe two words. The first sentence is: 99% people who do not succeed because they do not work hard enough. From the birth of a product to constantly improve

Uidesign Training School-sibling uidesign Training School

: This article mainly introduces the uidesign training school. if you are interested in PHP tutorials, refer to this article. I am very happy to start school tomorrow! Yes, that's right! I want to go to school soon! Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year holiday. just like the past winter and summer vacations, homework will end on the last day ...... No

"Called the beast School" follows the "called the beast School" to experience the situation-vomit ~ Ou ~ Oh, OPhone's "charm"

This article is transferred from "Android Network" "Called the beast School" follows the "called the beast School" to experience the situation-vomit ~ Ou ~ Oh, OPhone's "charm" In the past few days, we have seen some people on the Forum get the Ophone experience! At first, it was called a beast. I thought how was it so happy that someone got the stockade? The world was so crazy! Later, I asked the beast to

Analysis of frequency school viewpoint and Bayesian school viewpoint in Probability

Label: style blog HTTP color Io ar SP dataThis article can basically be considered as a PRML Reading Note, mainly from reading the content in [1]. If you have any questions, please correct me. Thank you very much. The method of describing probability by the frequency of occurrence of a random event is generally referred to as classical probability or frequency school. In addition, a more comprehensive view is the Bayesian

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