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I recently read su Jie's "Everyone is a product manager", and I have a lot of insights. I would like to write something to share with you.

Speaking of the product manager, many Daniel introduced Mr. Jose's "the first book of the product manager", and everyone regarded him as a standard. Here, we don't mean all of them, of course, some people disagree. Many people think that "the first book of product managers" is the bible of product managers in traditional industries. In fact, there is a lot of experience in the new industry of the Internet.

Who is the product manager, and Su Jie's opinion is that everyone is a product manager, but why? If everyone is a product manager, then everyone has the opportunity to become a product manager. How can we be prepared to become a product manager? In fact, the product manager is a tired person and plays a role as a balance person in many cases. In general, he has to deal with the following:


This is undoubtedly the most important thing. It is also the key to measuring the success of a product, that is, to gain the trust of users. Obviously, trust is to satisfy the needs of users, before developing a product, the product manager must conduct market research to understand the user's needs, market competition, and advantages and disadvantages. Generally, product managers can achieve their goals in a certain way. You can:


1. The most direct thing is to communicate with hidden users.

2. Use competitors' products to find defects in their products

3. receive feedback from front-line sales, customer service, and technical personnel.

4. The market analysis report should also be studied to form Product Requirement documents and strategic positioning.


After determining the product positioning, the product manager is responsible for product definition and product design. In this respect, it is second only to users, because a product is not just a one-sided product, sometimes it is also a company's strategic position.

In product definition, the product manager describes the product requirement document, which is what we call PRD. If you are sure you want to develop in this area, you will gradually learn to write PRD. PRD generally covers the target market and market competition analysis of the product, product Features and function priorities, product cases, product system and performance requirements, as well as product sales and support requirements. All these small aspects should be covered, but one thing that must be mentioned is the profit of your product, which is also the top concern of many big bosses.

With the definition of the product, the product design clearly shows what you get from the user survey. Because from here, you may want to design products with UI designers or Interaction designers. Of course, this is relative to large companies like tentcent or Yahoo. If you are a small company, you can only solve the product design problems by yourself. Obviously, in terms of user interaction design and user uidesign, we need to highlight the features of our products, which is also the key to attracting potential users.


After the product is designed, you must start preparing for it. You are faced with team management and fund management. Before that, you will get bored with a lot of project documents and projects. Because you need to work out team assignment, balance utilization of funds, and so on, and report your project progress to the big boss in a timely manner. Of course, if your company has a project manager, it can help you complete some work, so that you can save some trouble in project management. In terms of team management, what we want to talk about is also very big. We should first get stranded here.

Product promotion

Once a product is made, we must sell it in a variety of ways. On the other hand, the cold and hot market reflects the quality of your product. In this way, we have to face the pressure from our internal colleagues, bosses, users, and so on. We have to promote it through our marketing department and media, in product promotion, we need to introduce our own features and make others interested in our products. Guides users of Trial products and collects feedback in a timely manner for future improvement.

Product Management

As a product manager, we must always pay attention to product lifecycle management, from product positioning, pricing, and competitive strategies, cooperation with products of other companies should always be concerned until the product exits from the market.

Of course, this articleArticleIt can only be a brief introduction by the product manager, so that everyone knows who can become a product manager. What we need to do is to accumulate various knowledge from now on, we hope that you can become an excellent product manager. You are welcome to make a picture of the shortcomings.

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