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Xuzhou Real Estate site has 8 years of operation time, this thought that the old site will not be down the right, the site keyword rankings will steadily rise, But in Baidu 6.28 and 10.22 Baidu's algorithm big update, suffered to the punishment of Baidu, keyword ranking all disappeared, the site instantaneous no traffic, the site ads instant nobody, which led to advertisers are very dissatisfied with this phenomenon, are anxious to choose a refund. To this we feel very helpless, it is impossible to operate 8 years of the site so close, in the Internet mixed so many years, people know more, the first time to think of is the A5seo team Dong Shijun, with his communication after he suggested that our website use SEO diagnosis ( seozhenduan/) Service, I sincerely hope that he can help solve my immediate problems.

Our website time operation long, the existence loophole natural also more, this may be causes our website to be down the power the main reason, I put my idea and the website recent some operation to send the A5seo diagnosis team, the engineer gave me the pledge is 7 working days to complete the diagnosis plan, They gave me a diagnosis on the 4th working day because they were acquaintances. A5 reputation in the webmaster industry is very high, this time using their services to know that their efficiency is very high, within a short period of 4 days, unexpectedly gave me a 20-page diagnostic program.

This diagnosis is not like some network companies that kind of fooled people, simply say a few optimization ideas, and then let us to modify. This program clearly points out the problems in the website, the solution to the problem, how to perform the error modification operation, by the operation of WHO to modify the operation, the need to record what data, and so on, illustrated form to show me the whole problem solution, this report even for the network novice, is also at a glance, There is no understanding of the place, here really want to thank the team engineers to pay, let my station instantly regained weight.

From I find them to do SEO diagnosis to keyword ranking all restore, they only used 45 days of time, now my website main keyword rankings are in the home page, Baidu weight value also reached 3,PR value 3, the site's IP traffic per day about 1500,PV amount of about 6000, included 11,100, outside the chain 6290, Now the advertising business and the flow of the site are very stable, the flow rate of conversion than before to upgrade a lot, and again to thank the A5 team, for everyone to share under the map:

Keyword ranking situation sharing:


Website Data sharing:


Let's share the diagnostic plan simply, first: improve the content of the site 3W, before the site a lot of content is called the content of the two domain name, leading to a relatively low home page weight, after the diagnosis we added the homepage 3W Web site content, and most of the latest original content. Second: Modify the title of the site, 8 years of operation of the site in the title and description do not very good, there is a large number of keyword accumulation phenomenon, after the diagnosis modified for the following title and description, even if the title to the site is influential, but that is to good local impact, than the accumulation of keyword punishment site much better. There are also: outside the chain construction, the site uses a lot of anchor text keyword construction, a large number of high weights outside the chain to the home page, the inside chain is also using anchor text to point to the home page, and the keyword is not a lot of use, are the main key words anchor text, so that too many keywords will be Site program has changed 17, here to share the following 3 points, so as not to leak too much, causing inconvenience to the website. Here are 10,000 words omitted.

A5seo Diagnostics Team in the receipt of my list, did not say in a few days the first page, but their strength proved that they can in the shortest possible time to restore the weight of the site, the strength of the proof than the gorgeous language is more practical. Here again thanks to the A5 team to pay. After A5 webmaster Network SEO Diagnosis of this diagnosis, plus their perseverance daily work, my site in 45 days has regained weight, traffic is also very normal.

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