SEO Novice must learn five kinds of keyword skills to choose

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Many beginners in learning seo, always looking at some SEO books, video tutorials, yy courses, but for the choice of keywords are a little overwhelmed, regardless of novice or old webmaster have their own way to choose. When you are learning seo, always worry about their own learning, how to better operate, the operation of their own website ranked Baidu first, the hearts of all kinds of questions appear, that actually do SEO is the most important practice, only practice to know all this. Seo vegetable brother here to help learn SEO novice To sum up these selected keyword method,

 First, positioning user groups

Ask yourself to do the station three questions. The first question is whether your site can solve the problem for the user community. The second question is, when users search through your site, do you solve the user problem effectively? The third question is how you search for these answers when users are having problems. These three questions to understand themselves, the choice of keywords is also the first step.

 Second, the use of their own environmental resources

can use their own resources around, such as you buy women's products, that need to venture in the coastal, because this is a good resource, to know that the coastal areas of these resources are more, this is a simple analogy, when you have these resources around, you can use, not just products. Also have own friend, if oneself has this aspect good suggestion, may ask for a moment.

third, their competitors

Use this syntax intitle: keyword, or baidu search selected keywords. We can be very clear from Baidu search results to see the relevant competitors, thereby making use of their advantages to make up their shortcomings, good use of Baidu syntax, I wrote in A5 about the "website SEO Baidu Search Grammar skills", learning SEO Novice can go to see.

 Four, keyword tool

Now there are a lot of keyword tools online, we can use Baidu Keyword selection tool, this is the introduction of Baidu's products, it's key words related to the data is more accurate, after all, is their own products. If you do Baidu optimization on the use of Baidu keyword tools, google to do with Google keyword tools, so more good ideas. You can also use Baidu or Google related search keywords, as shown in the picture


The relevant search represents these words people search, you can refer to. You can also use this related search to do long tail keyword is a good choice.

Five, Baidu index

Baidu Index is Baidu to launch its own. Baidu Index mainly means: How many people search these words every day, which represents the region of the hot key words, which words are no people search. If some webmasters do some regional sites, using this tool is a very good choice. There are also some prescription words, such as Baidu search Now "Kim Jong-il died" This is the term, of course, most of these words are the portal site in the first place, but we do not need to take these words when the long tail keyword.

Writing sharing: This is my summary to choose the keyword five methods, only need to master these methods is very good, there are other methods you only need to understand on the line, do not need to master too much. Do SEO to practice, but also careful, adhere to, three parts do, do SEO must become. But I am not a SEO success, I just want to share some new guidelines, how to better learn seo. (SEO original A5 initial) This article Seborrheic Alopecia Please specify, please indicate the source. Thank you!

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