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This article introduces the SEO Policy Guide for programmers Based on the PHP10086 blog.

Programmer's personal website features
  1. I am a technical engineer and seldom pay attention to seo, or I don't know how to seo my website.
  2. I don't have time to post my own websites.
  3. I have never studied seo, especially personal blog websites.
  4. Programmer's website: the website is more of a platform for personal communication than a profit-making tool, and seo is rarely concerned.
Talk about seo for programmers by yourself


SEO: allows others to better and faster find you on the vast Internet websites.

Indicator of measured data: (here we are talking about visible data values)

ALEAX, Baidu weight, Google rp, and indexing volume

Stable space and domain name

Websites are stable and the older the domain name, the more likely it will be to be favored and valued by search engines Baidu or Google,

Let's take a look at my website stability: Real-Time website monitoring DEMO

Here, the monitoring site is pinged every 15 minutes. You can view my website for handling occasional failures that result in more than 1 hour. Most of the failures are within 10 minutes,

For a website without vps, it is basically good.

Independent website IP Address

Because the independent ip address needs to be purchased separately, we can see that the benefits of the independent IP address are as follows:

  1. Stability is ensured, because many websites share an IP address. If there is a website violation, all websites under this ip address may be blocked, especially in countries with special characteristics like China.
  2. More favored by search engines, independent IP addresses can increase the indexing level and opportunities for search engines
  3. Supports wildcard domain name resolution and can receive wireless subdomain names
The external chain is king

In addition to website content, the ranking of websites is determined by the external links.

High-quality external links: two factors: an external link exists. The website is a high-quality website. The second one is that the topic of the article is highly relevant to your article. The Anchor text in the keyword directs to your website.

The external chain is king

The search engine ranking is based on the four most important points:

1. webpage content

2. User Experience

3. External chain construction

4. Category directory

For new users, it is a good choice to send external links to blogs, including: SCID blog, Sina Blog, Sohu blog, blog, Hexun blog, Baidu space, Blogbus, and fast-track blog, tom's blog, Tianya's blog, and many other high-weight large blogs and forums. In short, the continuous and stable increase of external links plays a vital role in ranking.

PS: the larger the number of external links, the better the quality. The external chain is king. Although the external chain plays a great role, the external chain must follow a stable and healthy growth pattern.

I updated the signature to my personal blog in the csdn and blog Park, and the effect was quite good.

Content is king

The survival of a website lies in the content quality of the website. providing high-quality network resources for users to browse is the foundation of a website! With the rapid development of the Internet, the rise of various types of websites, high repetition and no new intention have become a major risk, and even sell dog meat! "Improving user experience" has become the key to website construction and survival. allowing users to find what they want and obtaining valuable information from the website is the foundation of a website!

Therefore, the original content is the focus of retaining users on a website and building a good reputation! Insist on writing original articles.

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The content of external links is king
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