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Search engine optimization, that is, SEO (Search Engine optimization), in order to enhance the site/Web page in search engine results in the number and ranking location, in order to obtain more free flow from the search engine, high-quality users, search engines for the characteristics of retrieval, sorting laws, Reasonable adjustment and optimization of Web site design and construction methods, so that it conforms to search engine retrieval rules of website construction, website operation behavior. In addition, SEO work is also conducive to search engines quickly included new pages, improve the coverage of the effect.

SEO is an important means of network marketing, by understanding the working principle of search engines and user needs, in respect of the search engine user value, under the premise of reasonable optimization of the site, you can get more users, traffic and brand. SEO has a low cost, easy to operate, beneficial to the user experience, and so on, is a website marketing must pay attention to a link.

Search engine Introduction and SEO Basics

search engine and its user value

Search engine is a system that collects and collates the data information of the Internet, and provides retrieval service. Search engines are good at understanding user search needs, mass , information screening and scoring, quick query and so on.

Search engine According to user's search query request, the data information is graded, and in order output to help users convenient, fast, accurate and comprehensive to find the required information, which is the most important search engine user value.

[Hint] all SEO work, should follow the search engine work principle and user value as the premise.

White hat seo and black hat seo

White hat SEO refers to the search engine optimization method by reasonably optimizing the website, improving the user experience, interacting well with the search engine, and truly reflecting the quality and authority of the website.

Black Hat seo, to search engine prohibited methods to affect the search engine ranking (cheating), and user value and search experience deviate from the short-term benefits as the main goal of the search engine optimization method. Search engines will maintain a fair ranking of Internet sites, to provide users with the right reasonable search results, and black hat SEO practices and this is contrary.

Search engines are constantly identifying cheating through technological innovation and strategy optimization. Any use of search engine strategy flaw loopholes, the use of malicious means to obtain the quality of the Web page is not in conformity with the results of the search result quality and user search experience decreased behavior can be identified by the search engine as cheating. The treatment of cheating, light is the search engine to deprive the weight of cheating, heavy may be the entire site by search engines refused to include.

Search Engine Work Flow chart

[Hint] external, user-oriented and the entire Internet content, internal, is divided into crawl, index, retrieve several important modules.

Search engine crawler

Search engine's crawler (also called Spider, Spider, Reptile robot), is the search engine collects the information, the Data tool. Crawler programs continue to find and download Internet pages, the process is the Internet Web page into the search engine must experience a pass.

Crawler is good at: the allocation of download resources, a large amount of concurrent downloads, reading text (especially the text of the Web page), analysis of site map and follow this guide to crawl the page. On the contrary, the crawler is not good at: Read pictures, Flash, JS, Ajax, frame, deep, persistent crawl, read the page with permission control, found an island page.

For the crawler program SEO work should be based on its characteristics targeted.

[Hint] search engine crawl trajectory sketch map

  Sort search Results

Search engines can get many possible results by understanding user search terms and retrieving data. The sequencing of these results is achieved by hundreds of dependency strategies.

The purpose of relevance ranking is to arrange the result according to the value of the user, the whole sort process will refer to the website, the relevance of the page, the quality, the modernity, the authority and many other factors.

SEO work A large part of the search engine relevance strategy, in short, that is, through SEO to tell search engines: which pages are more valuable, which pages more related to search terms, but should be sorted to a more forward position.

website establishment

Domain Registration

Domain name is the important brand impression of the website. Domain name registration should choose simple, easy to remember, easy to enter, close to the site name, can reflect the content of the site domain name. such as,

Once the domain name is selected, should not be arbitrarily changed; the same site has multiple domain names should determine the main domain name, and set other domain names to the main domain name jump.

  Service Deployment and website online

Web sites need to be deployed online to be accessed by users.

Rental/purchase of secure, reliable, high-speed and stable server deployment site, is the user access to the effective protection of the experience, but also affect the search engine crawler crawling.

Site Deployment online and domain name resolution, that is, user-oriented development access, but also means to search engine crawler open.

Let search engines find websites

The newly established website is an island in the Internet, and it is difficult for search engines to discover and collect it. At the beginning of the site, you can recommend the site to the search engine or guide crawling collection.

Submit a site domain name or portal to a search engine. such as the submission of new sites to Soso,;

Set up the chain, such as the creation of friendship links, to the navigation website application included;

Site to establish the beginning can focus on the contents of the list page, without affecting the user experience, the premise of convenient search engine crawler found more links.

  Content Construction

tree Type flat mesh structure

Hierarchical tree-type flat mesh structure is an ideal site deployment structure, each page and its parent-child page has links, can help users quickly positioned to interested channels, text, but also conducive to search engine understanding of the structure of the site and better crawling content.

Clearly distinguish, the homepage, List page/index page/channel page, content page, according to the level of each page with links linked, no island page;

level, all levels of branch content not too much, easy search engine crawler crawling;

Content and quality of similar pages organized in the same level/directory, facilitate the search engine aggregation mining;

The more important content, the more should be placed in the high-level position, or in the high level of the page has links directly to reach;

[Hint] Tencent news channel, headline News placed in eye-catching position

Create navigation links and crumbs on the page to make it easy for users and reptiles to understand the structure of the site and jump between different levels of content;

The new content in the site should be as far as possible in the lower depth of the list page or the homepage to publish the entrance, easy to be discovered by search engine crawler quickly.

Page title

The page title is an important label for the content of the page, and accurate and concise headings help users quickly identify the content of the page. The page title will be displayed in the search results list by search engines, which is an important entry point for users to enter the site page.

Title content in the page code is surrounded by <title> tags, will be displayed in the search results page, browser title, page tags, taskbar and other locations, is the user identification/distinguish the important basis of the page;

Title content is the best generalization of the page, should be subject to clear, highlight the key, the content should not be too long;

Each page should have the title content, avoid not to write the title, or unintentional title (such as "Untitled Document", "website construction");

Avoid different pages using the same title (even the same title for all stations);

does not stack the keyword in the title content, avoids affects the readability and is sentenced to cheat;

"The title Party", "irrelevant" to the user search experience and search engine collection sort have side effects, should resolutely eliminate.

  Meta information

In Meta information, keywords and description describe the content of the page in two ways: keywords and summary summaries, which are paid special attention by search engines.

Keywords part should be filled in the most performance page content of several keywords, words and words between the half of the comma interval open;

The description section should be filled with text describing the content of the page, which may be selected by the search engine as a summary of the results. The homepage, index page, channel entrance and so on no large page text page, should provide description information as far as possible.

Keywords and description information loss does not have a direct impact on the sort weights; cheating in keywords and description messages can be punished by search engines.

Description information of Tencent network:

Tencent Web search results in the summary of the display:


The development of standardized unified, concise, readable URL, is conducive to search engine collection and sorting, but also user-friendly identification of page content, record and input links.

Each page should have its own unique normal URL:

Consistent use of normal URL within the site, do not appear exception URL;

Point to the same page exception URL, should jump unified jump to the normal URL;

URLs that must have parameters need to be reduced as much as possible by the number and content of the parameters, and the function/display of the page is not useful (such as statistical parameters).

Link Structure Design recommendations:

The design of URL structure should take into account the needs of users and search engines to facilitate user identification, memory, and facilitate search engine crawling and display;

URLs should be as short as possible. The shorter URLs are fully displayed on the search results page, which makes it easy for users to read them to understand the content of the page and to easily memorize and spread it. The search engine itself does not limit the URL, and the sort has nothing to do with the URL length;

The less the URL directory level, the better. Too many levels of URL design may be the search engine crawl formation barriers, so that less or not included;

The directory name and file name in the URL should be descriptive and not use meaningless names;

Try to use only lowercase letters or numbers in the URL, paying special attention to not using special characters, such as "." "," ""; " Wait

Removes unnecessary parameters and statics from URLs. Search engines can crawl and retrieve normally regardless of dynamic or static URLs, but it is recommended to minimize unnecessary parameters in the URL, especially those unrelated to the page feature/presentation.

Design Suggestions for anchor text

Link Select text as a link description, that is, anchor text, as little as possible to use the picture as a link content, must use the picture, should use alt tag to supplement the text description, do not use Flash, JS alternative text links (especially important entrance);

Anchor text should be concise, clear description of the content of the page, do not write in the anchor text and the content of the page is not related to the text, not to stack keywords or "title Party";

If not necessary, do not use the URL itself as the anchor text.

Link Design goodcase

Http://,, the sub domain name, the directory describes the page subject or content;

Http://, the News page catalog identifies the release date;

Link Design badcase

Link URL for JS generation, search engine can not crawl to link to the page.

, link trap/black hole, this kind of URL directory construction has no meaning to the user and search engine , search engines may not crawl or not index such URLs.

Anchor text content is meaningless. Text similar to "more" "return" does not contribute to the description of the page content, and is not recommended for use.

Home links all within the Flash, can not get more site links, while the results page summary significantly less relevant.

Whole station page title all the same, unable to reflect the content of the page, in search results and browsers are not easy to allow users to identify, while the search engine can not understand the content of the page title;

  Page content and Services

The provision of High-quality Web site content and services is the basis of the site, but also affect the search engine site content evaluation of the important factors and indicators.

Provide the content or data around the theme of the website or page, the content of natural and beautiful writing page, satisfy the user's reading demand, this is the most valuable service to the user:

To provide users with easy to read pages. The layout of the page is reasonable, highlighting the key content, there are primary and secondary, paragraph, avoid a lot of rough list of words;

Place the breadcrumbs on the page. Breadcrumbs help users identify the page as a location and level, and can quickly switch between different channels. Soso Music/soso Ask/Tencent Network news channel breadcrumbs Navigation:

To provide a unique original content or service, to avoid plagiarism content or repeat similar, the same content;

Unrelated to the topic or weak customs content, such as advertising, promotional links in the site, should be placed on the secondary content of the page, and do not occupy too much space;

Do not have spelling mistakes or typos.

At the same time, page content construction also takes care of search engine Read page "feel":

The text of the page is written, not with pictures, Flash instead, or by using AJAX to generate;

In-station navigation and breadcrumbs Easy search engine crawl page, get anchor text and analysis link weight;

When you use a picture as content, add alt information to the picture, and the picture file uses a simple, straightforward name (similar to the name of the page);

Do not use an IFRAME to construct a page.

  Robots.txt and Sitemap

Robots.txt and Sitemap are webmaster and search engine communication tools, for search engine crawling, collection, sorting behavior to provide a reference. Both robots.txt and Sitemap do not involve a direct impact on the user experience.


robots.txt files, need to be accurately named "robots.txt" (file name lowercase, extension of txt,), placed in the root directory of the site domain name, can be normal access;

You can use Robots.txt to restrict search engine spiders to certain pages, directories, or consolidated sites. such as the online management system used by the webmaster, or the user's Privacy Information page, can be controlled by this method;

You can specify a sitemap address in robots.txt.

User-agent: *




[Hint] above is an example of a robots.txt file. Identifies the path and Sitemap addresses that deny search engine access


Sitemap can specify the URL update time, update frequency, relative weight and other information;

Important URLs should appear in the Sitemap, giving a higher weight;

Search engines will refer to the information in the Sitemap for crawling, indexing, and sorting, but will not be fully compliant;


Search engine in response to changes in the content of the site need time, especially for the site content construction of the SEO is gradually effective, change a few pages page content will be able to quickly improve the site ranking point of view is wrong;

Search engine for not conforming to the standard site construction methods or excessive SEO have a certain tolerance, and not because of improper site construction and directly refused to crawl, included, index a website;

SEO-oriented website construction strategy and user experience should be taken into account, and even more consider the user experience, to avoid SEO for SEO.

Website operation and Promotion

User-oriented web site operation and promotion work, can play to introduce and precipitate users, build website Word-of-mouth, enhance the role of user stickiness. However, the website operation and promotion can also play a role in the SEO work, the following from this dimension to brief introduction.

Content operations

Original content Construction

Website construction content for the king, in the content quality, original, comprehensive, authoritative and other aspects have advantages of the site, more easily win the user goodwill, but also will win the search engine collection and ranking trend.

Search engine very much like the original content (especially for the new station) on the site to actively release or guide users to publish original content, increase the proportion of original content, search engines will be included faster, while in the content row weight, ranking on the advantage.

  Regular maintenance of content

The regular content update time and the scale of updating are helpful to search engine reasonable scheduling crawler crawling. Update more quickly more websites, also easy to win search engine crawler high frequency patronage.

Advertising content Operations

Advertising can bring revenue to the site, is the operation of the website can not be avoided. From the point of view of SEO, there are some points to be noted for optimization.

Site content and advertising content should distinguish between primary and secondary, highlighting the core content of the page, conducive to search engine understanding page content, and should not be full screen ads;

Advertising content should be in line with the content of the page, and the content of the page, the theme related (search engine crawler may collect advertising content as the text of the page);

Do not disguise advertising content as a page body or link, inducing clicks.

  Increase outside chain and accumulate valid anchor text

Outbound links and Anchor text is the site's important SEO resources, bear the entrance, page content recognition, Weight introduction and many other participation in search engine crawling, row weight, sorting work information. The construction of external chain and anchor text is a very important part of SEO work.

The following is a number of outside the chain, anchor text construction proposals:

Interchange links, application navigation station included;

When constructing the chain resources, the anchor text should be reasonably set, and the anchor text should not be used as the URL.

Not only the home page needs outside the chain, level two List page, feature page, Channel home page, feature pages, etc., the same need outside the chain construction;

Can publish the features of the site introduction of the article, including the site outside the chain;

Blog posts, micro-blog, forum posts appear in the Web site links, external chain and anchor text construction benefits, can be introduced to the website of this article, but do not flood the construction;

Blog comment area, message board, BBS signature files and other non-major areas of the chain value is very low, may be overlooked by search engines;

Outside chain, anchor text should avoid flood construction, otherwise may be sentenced to cheating.

User Referrals and evaluations

Users have the ability to identify content quality, through the user's recommendation and evaluation of the content of the site, can help to filter the content of the site, and even manufacturing outside the chain.

Establish the user to the content voting mechanism, obtains the user appraisal;

Provide convenient sharing tools, the content can be recommended to other products platform, forming a value outside the chain;

[Hint] a common design for shared functionality

Cultivate user stickiness, and encourage users to recommend website content to friends (including in IM, blog, forum, etc.).

Source: Shangcong SEO Blog

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