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When I installed nunit the day before yesterday, I was prompted that the installation service has no access permission, or that I started it in safe mode.
Or internal service error. First, I checked the Windows Installer in the service, which is not disabled.
The installer service is incorrect. Search from the Internet and find this address: /? SCID = KB; ZH-CN; 324516 & spid = 2533 & SID = 225,
As mentioned above, Windows installer-kb8920.3-v2-x86.exe is downloaded.
Installation 3.1
Version. During installation, the system prompts that my system has been installed. In the msiexec.exe file under WINDOWS \ system32, it should be 2.0 on my machine. Is it true?
2.0 = 3.1?
Searching from the Internet still does not find a solution to the problem. But find a Windows
The installer cleanup tool is ecstatic. Download it and check it out. Well, how can I install it? The error is prompted upon installation. What do I think the author of this software is doing?
Uninstall the installer only when it is broken, but install Program You also need to use the installer service. Fortunately, WinRAR in the machine can be used to decompress the installer in the directory
Msicuu2in to find msicu2.exe, follow the prompts to select all, all killed, and then put 3.1
The installer is also decompressed, find updatebr. inf in the update, right-click it, and choose install, OK. In this way, on Windows Server
Install Windows Installer 2003 on server 3.1. Of course, you must note that msiexec must be used before uninstallation.
/Unregserver shut down the service and then try msiexec/regserver again. Everything is OK.
I still remember that when I was using express beta2 in fashion 2005, many netizens asked me how to use it under 2003. I installed another 2003 (because it cannot coexist) however, the MSI version is not supported (3.0 is required). You can use this method with confidence!
After careful summarization, the system was installed and there was no problem. Version 2.0 runs very well. Now, version 99% may be an update problem. Are you sure you have two updates, but you are not sure which one:
Critical Update for ADODB. Stream (kb870669)
Update for Windows Server 2003 (kb898715)
Looking at the name, the second one is more likely, but Microsoft's bug is the magic of creating the :-). If you haven't tried again, please leave a message to me.

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