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Red Tao's Electricity Business Circle blog, is to use WordPress blog program to do. Because I have not been too much contact with this program before, so many things are not very understanding. But I still see a lot of SEO do a good blog, so today want to talk about: WordPress blog How to set more conducive to SEO, with the development of SEO industry, a lot of people who know SEO, have been infatuated with this program. His main characteristic is: The procedure is concise, the safety factor is high, the mold version is many, the plug-in powerful most important point is to search engine very friendly, may simply understand for, WordPress is a very good to do SEO the open source program. If you know all about Wordress is a blog program, in fact, many of the master of the program is very proficient, but also in the original foundation, the development of a lot of functions, such as shopping malls, information stations, industry portals are basic can be realized, we are SEO team also use this procedure to do a lot of enterprise station, The effect is still very good. Said half a day has not cut to the chase, wordress blog should do the following several aspects, may be better to do SEO:

 First, the distribution of good blog key words

Blog optimization, this is also very important. We have to do what keyword ranking, and then how many want to do the keyword, we also need to conceive the early stage. Like the current red-tao SEO blog, my main keyword is SEO blog and electric shopping district. Then the column is some key words related to the topic, but I did not consider the column ranking. Because I this blog is mainly to communicate with peers and then share some SEO experience skills.

  Second, set up a good blog URL structure

WordPress Blog default is the dynamic URL, but his parameters are not very complex, if the virtual host does not support pseudo static situation, we can not do pseudo static.

WordPress column URL Default style: domain/?cat=1

WordPress article URL style: domain/?p=100

But if we want our blog to do more than one keyword, we can use pseudo static to give each different column to name a different representative URL.

The Url:http://www.***.com/dianshang of the special topic of the electric circle of Red Tao

Article url:http://www.***.com/dianshang/361.html

According to the above settings is not the URL structure is very clear! Of course, this is done through pseudo static. The premise is that the virtual host to support pseudo static to achieve, below share the Red Tao blog pseudo Static rules:


Open Admin Background: device--Fixed link--I am the custom structure of choice:/%category%/%post_id%.html then define is the parameter, meaning is the catalog/number id.html This looks a bit like static page, hehe!!! Of course, if only in the background this setting, then his URL is not the red Tao listed above, but: the Url:http://www.***.com/category/dianshang of the red-Tao Electric Circle, This time we also need to install a plugin to make the URL of the directory level more simple. Recommended that you install: WP No Category Base Everyone installed to achieve the above red-Tao blog URL effect!

  Third, set up a good article call

In general, we recommend that you use WordPress on the front page of the sidebar call:

The main purpose of a popular article, the most commented article, is to make the reader aware of the most popular articles written by the author, thereby improving the user experience of the site. If it is a visitor in the shortest possible time to see more refined things, is not in our site will stay on the length of time? Improve the PV and reduce the bounce rate of the site.

The latest article {call the most updated article} to update the role of the site, on the other hand also allows viewers to see our blog above the latest updates.

Random article (call random article) The purpose of the first call random article, the main is to tell the search engine our site on the homepage is always changing, so every time the spider came to our blog home page, found that the content has changed, conducive to update the site snapshots.

Call the latest comment (guest's message) Don't look at the small message, when our site in the absence of updates, if someone constantly in our blog above the message, actually can play a kind of update the site effect.

  Four, build a website map to the blog

If you know SEO friends, I believe you know the role of the site map! You can guide spiders crawling through all the content inside the site. It's too easy for wordress to make this! As long as the plug-in can be implemented, Red Tao here also recommend a sitemap plugin: Dagon design Sitemap Generator effect is as follows:


  V. Other settings

Add the "nofollow" attribute to blog comments so that it doesn't distract us from the weight of our content. Or if the more comments, it means that the more links to export, that soon our blog became a source of the chain! Recommended I wrote a few days ago an article: How to use the "nofollow" attribute to enhance the weight of the site

Friendship links as far as possible only set on the home page display, you can control the weight of our internal pages output. Let's share it here today! There are some tips for the user experience, and share it together in a few days!

This article from the Red Tao SEO blog: http://www.hongtaoseo.com/wordpress/376.html

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