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Some people will ask, how to write the September 18, 2009, now is not 2013/5/6? Yes, in fact, this site I 1th analysis of the time is in the 2009-9-18, but I put the analysis of the details of the contents of their own computer stored down, did not publish it, today is not intended to see, Today I decided to share it for free.

How not to pay any penny, use the advanced link bait to make those weights 1 time times larger than you, twice times, 3 times times even 4 times times more than the home you! Some people may say Zhang Yunqun teacher, brag! How could there be such a good thing? Let me decipher the secret inside for everyone!

 What is a link bait?

Link bait simply refers to the creation of useful, interesting, eye-catching content, so as to attract the attention of other webmaster, bloggers, generated external links.

Link bait, in the SEO external link construction has become a new round of focus. SEO experts have an interesting name for attracting import links by content: link baiting.

A simple understanding is to provide free to the user valuable things, to attract others to help you create links

  What can be done to free to let the high weight of the site home link me?

  The detailed steps of the link bait of the ancient tree

Link Bait Step 1: Make a unique slide, free for others to download and use


(The most popular flash focus slides on the Internet, can support jpg.gif.png.swf files)

Demo Address:

Link Bait Step 2: Start to the industry-related forums to post propaganda, so that more people to download free use, expand marketing power!


Link Bait Step 3: Waiting for the harvest, we can now through the best use of the Love station Reverse link query the site of the old tree reverse link, actually brought those high weight of the site link him?


(Reverse link data source:

You will find that there are many high weights of the site are linked to his home page, but when he opened these sites you will find that you do not see that he has links to the old tree this site ah? If a careful friend, when you open the PR5 website, find the slide click the right mouse button you will find, The secret is right here!


Can the search engine actually identify the links in the SWF?

You directly in Google input the domain name of this ancient tree, you will find his links are many others use his SWF to bring him the link! There is no use in your own heart than I know! oh! Hope that through this link bait case can give you some inspiration, if you want to continue to understand some unknown SEO secrets!

Author: Zhang Yunqun

Source:, China SEO video tutorial First brand

This article: Shenzhen City Network Technology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved, welcome to pick, please note the author and the source!

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