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If you are concerned about Baidu Webmaster platform of the data area, we will know that Baidu in the inside for our webmaster to provide a lot of SEO optimization operation guide, especially to give a lot of what we should do and can not do some of the operation of the proposal, which is very valuable for each SEO workers, as a white hat seo stick, I also very much agree with some of these algorithms and rules of the announcement, also hope that Baidu can give more suggestions, so that SEO more benign development.

In accordance with Baidu in the SEO recommendations mentioned in the white hat SEO is to improve and standardize the role of web design, make it more friendly to search engines and users, and get more reasonable traffic, and for Black hat SEO refers to the use and amplification of search engine strategy defects (in fact, the perfect system is not there) Get more user access, and these are more traffic, at the expense of the user experience. Then there can be such a hypothesis: if the use of a reasonable means, to bring the user is a high-value content, not the user's search experience caused damage, then such a trading link behavior is desirable, will also be recognized by the search engine.

Baidu as the mainstream of Chinese search engine, its daily traffic is huge, and Baidu according to their own interior of the Aladdin Law, will be more their own product page to push to the homepage, hoping to improve the search engine user experience, these ideas are indeed for the search engine experience more effective way, But sometimes it is this kind of operation that makes some of the better algorithms be broken from the inside by the enemy.

For example, in the Baidu Webmaster Platform data area There is an article on "The harm of trading links", the behavior of trading links for SEO, it is indeed easy to threaten the integrity of the search engine, so as a search engine needs to be very tough to combat such behavior. Personal understanding of the sale of links there are two kinds, one is the site at the bottom of the kind of link, that is, we often said that the link, such links, because large sites or high weight site links is difficult to obtain, so its scarcity and importance of the show out, and the sale of such links, Can be linked to vote by the way the weight of the site to quickly improve. Another is appearing in the site content page, is generally the use of Baidu for news sources of recognition and ranking industry home page, to obtain Baidu traffic. These two types of trading links are the mainstream of the way, Baidu for such a link to the behavior of the proposal is to use the Nofollow property to set, although the site owners need to do control this is incumbent on, but Baidu still want more improvements in the algorithm. Here are a few examples to show you that search engines are less sensitive to the behavior of buying and selling links.

1, news source soft text link

Everyone search "SEO", on the home page because of the Aladdin law of Baidu home page has five of Baidu's own product links, Baidu SEO proposal, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Dictionary, Baidu Bar and Baidu News source, and the most easy to operate the link behavior is the news source soft text link, last night I observed the next Baidu about "SEO" The news source recommended there are three, the following is a screenshot:


News Source Soft Text link

You can clearly see that the three news source article is a soft text, and according to Baidu Webmaster platform to talk about "the harm of trading links" and "timeliness of resources included problems", these two articles should belong to the suspicion of cheating, but Baidu has given the recommendation, can be seen in Baidu's guidelines still need to be rational to see.

2, links to the portal site

The weight of the portal site is particularly high, especially with information as the main content of the Web portals it is easier to obtain the search engine news source of the qualification. Such web sites, such as the four major portals, the first soft text case in front of Sohu and Tenkine two large news source portal, imagine that, these two news sources in the link section to your site to vote, then the impact on your site will be how big, of course, these sites are also disdain to you link. Of course, there are some portals to buy links, but also sell well, one of the more familiar site may be thousand dragon net. The following look at the Dragon Network sports channel friend chain module, where the red box is obviously not related to the link, if you are interested can also view its source code, I see here is not added to the nofollow tag.


Thousand Dragon Network sports channel friend chain section

There are some trading links to the platform will hang some of the better links out for everyone to choose, so more blatant, but still have a lot of people to do, this shows that Baidu for this piece is not a very good solution. If you ask Baidu's related staff, such as the Baidu Webmaster Club Lee, his answer may be: "This is indeed a piece of us, our staff is improving the algorithm, as soon as possible to meet the user's search experience." "The key is how fast and how likely it is."

And then back to the subject of the article, through these cases, we can clearly know that Baidu's algorithm or there are many need to improve the place, and Baidu's SEO recommendations and "Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide 2.0" can be used as a theoretical basis for our website optimization, but must be combined with the actual, to rationally look at these views. Because Baidu's these statements just tell everyone: "Whether you believe it or not, I believe it anyway!"

The rational view of Baidu's guide, Baidu strongly requested to do, we do a good job, such as Baidu statistics in the SEO recommendations, the site's internal optimization of some of the evaluation, we have to improve the timely or necessary; Baidu strongly asked us not to do, such as piling up keywords, malicious trading links, although there is a certain effect, But in the long run, if we can do it without these operations, there is no need to commit a risk.

This article by Xu Zi Rain, gear reducer ( network series published, Welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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