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It is said that 60% of Sina's website traffic comes from the search engine and does not know whether the data is accurate. However, this also reflects the importance of the search engine to increase the website traffic. For the promotion of websites, the promotion of search engines is indeed an important link.

There is not much money for some of our newly opened websites. It is not realistic to purchase spot price rankings on Baidu and Google, we can only rely on our own efforts to increase the ranking and index volume of the search engine.

Our main site is: campus recruitment network to complete www.xyzp.net, mainly for the collection of campus recruitment information, for users are college graduates. As a group of high-quality internet users, the search engine is frequently used. Therefore, we also need to promote the search engine.

Below are some of our efforts:

Optimize the URL. This is a spoofing of the URL address. We use the Spring framework, which is very convenient for URL ing. In addition, all of our second-level webpage addresses, such as tags ;)
Optimization of the webpage head area. In the head area, especially <meta http-equiv = "Description" content = "">, try to make the content of each webpage different. Google prefers to read content. If the content of each webpage is the same, Google will regard it as a similar webpage.
Website map. Website map the main page is to search for the engine, in the website map (sitemap.html), try to give all the second-level web page directories to the entrance.
Sitemap. xml. This is a new function launched by Google. It facilitates webmasters to submit XML files on their websites and facilitate Google indexing. Currently, there are many online website map generation applications, such as http://www.sitemapspal.com /.
Google ads are used on webpages without official tips.
The above are some of our efforts. After half a month, the effect is very obvious.

Baidu. Http://www.baidu.com? WD = Site % 3axyzp.net & CL = 3, which contains 577 webpages. In particular, for the keyword "campus recruitment", our website ranks 5th. Baidu is recruited on campus.
Google. Http://www.google.com/search? Hl = ZH-CN & Q = Site % 3axyzp.net, which contains 503 webpages. However, for the keyword "campus recruitment", our ranking is very poor, probably because of the low PR value. View campus recruitment Google.
One search. Http://www.yisou.com/search? P = Site % 3axyzp.net & source = yisou_www_hpbox & pid = yisou, which contains 136 webpages. The keyword "campus recruitment" is not ideal, and there is still a long way to go. View the campus recruitment yisou.
In fact, switching hyperlinks is a very good method ........

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