Gaussian elimination element Summary

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Gaussian elimination element Summary

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The Application of Linear Algebra in ACM is getting bigger and bigger. I have read a generation tree counting problem a few days ago, and I still haven't understood the line generation knowledge, ten matrix applications are also very common !!

Gaussian element elimination is a line generation problem. First, the matrix should be converted into a tiered matrix, and the template will not be given unless all the values on the "Diagonal" are 0.

I am now an introduction to Gaussian elimination, and there are four questions in total,

1. Exclusive or equations. The most important thing in this process is to enumerate free RMB! That is, a simple search.

Second, "same equations" means that all equations are the same.

Third: Gaussian deyuan solves the real number problem. This should be the most classic high-consumption problem.

Iv. High elimination solves the integer solution problem.

What interests me is: why can we use Gaussian antiyuan solutions for the equations of variance or equations ??? I suddenly remembered the idea of a group. I thought, this is an 'exclusive or 'and an 'Operation system and a 'multiplication ', the operation group composed of 'add' is "same type" (forget the specific term ).

I think the above is still a classic Gaussian elimination problem. The difficulty of high elimination lies in how to find the appropriate equation. For example, the question poj1487 is not very easy to do. Now I have the idea and have not typed the code.

I want to write something, but there is not much ink in my stomach. I hope this will be useful to me or you !!

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