Google general search may no longer display the local search list of Seo-related queries

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Google general search may no longer display Seo-related local search lists

Most people may have seen the local search list in Google universal search. For example, if you search for "snacks" or "Shanghai Hotel" in Google universal search (Web search, the results will display a local Google search list containing up to 7 results of MAP and merchant information, also known as Google 7 pack, based on the search results in Google Maps.

Recently, users reported that the local search list of some recent queries is no longer displayed in the general search results, even though everything is normal in the Google map (Local Search) results. Google has explained this problem: Google may now display fewer local search lists related to Seo and web design queries in general search results based on users' search intentions, google regards this as a very satisfying user requirement. For example, if a user searches for ["web design Sacramento"] Today, Google universal search may not display a local search list, however, if you search for "Web Design in bellinheim", it will be displayed again. Google considers that they display search results from the user's perspective rather than from the website perspective, and thinks that at least this is a very correct decision. However, this situation may change in the future based on users' search intentions. That is to say, in this general search, the local search list is sometimes displayed, and sometimes it is not displayed, but it is certain that, general search will show fewer local search lists for Seo, web design, graphic design, advertising companies, and other related queries.

However, this situation seems to be only for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is estimated that Seo in these regions abused the local search list or these sites are well optimized, and the local search list does not need to be displayed, china still seems to be shown. If abuse occurs, it is estimated that Google will also close the local search list display for these aspects. Seo abuse and spam do cause a lot of problems to the search engine. Some of the good ranking factors, the search engine has to give up, causing damage to the search engine, but also damage Seo In essence.

For more information, see: here. If you want to join the Google local search list, go to the Google local merchant center.

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