Hacker attacks Tsinghua website fabricated Principal Criticism education system news

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Morning News (reporter Xu Jingjing) a Tsinghua News Network was hacked news spread across major websites. A hacker fabricated a news report by Gu binglin, president of Tsinghua University, criticizing the current education system. The day before yesterday, the information center of Tsinghua University issued a statement on the Internet specifically, saying that the hacker behavior expressed "strong indignation and condemnation ".


Yesterday, the reporter saw a website hacked and news reports fabricated by hackers in a personal blog named big fish. The "news" appeared in the "Tsinghua News" column in August 24. The "news" said Mr. Gu binglin, president of Tsinghua University, was interviewed by Student reporters, he expressed his worries about the current university education situation. According to Mr. Gu binglin, the current colleges and universities, including Tsinghua and Peking University, have no goal of cultivating talents for university education. In this fabricated "news" title and in the text, there are some indecent wording.

Later, this article was reproduced on some comprehensive forums and websites including Tianya forum. Some unknown netizens commented out "surprised" after seeing this "news ". "I saw this piece of news from Tsinghua online, but it was a bit boring. Why is the speech of the university principal so vulgar? Someone must be playing the game soon !" The netizen wrote this.

The day before yesterday, Tsinghua University Press Center issued a statement saying that at on January 26, August 24, Tsinghua news was maliciously attacked and tampered, fake news from President Gu binglin was interviewed to spread rumors. Tsinghua University Press Center expressed indignation and condemnation. Currently, Tsinghua news has resumed normal operation. Beijing Morning Post

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