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Recently, in a good future hosted "Empowering Education" the Future-"ai+ education" academic exchange, a good future formally announced the establishment of the domestic teaching and training industry's first "brain Science Laboratory", through the brain science to promote "science and technology + education" of academic research and product landing, the practice of "science and technology to promote education and progress" business mission.

Good future brain Science laboratory established

Good future Brain Science Laboratory director Yang Yi told reporters that brain science education will become an important subdivision of the field, a variety of business models and cutting-edge topics are being born. A good future brain science Laboratory will focus on three aspects: using objective monitoring of brain function, strengthening classroom diagnosis and observation, laying a solid foundation for tracking long-term and effective "learning process" of human brain, studying more specific and accurate evaluation system of learning ability, and designing corresponding products under the guidance of science. Stimulates the best learning state of the brain.

Seminar scene, good future AI Lab director Yang Songfan chaired the AI Roundtable Forum, Tsinghua University computer Professor Li Guoliang, Alibaba Artificial Intelligence laboratory Beijing Research and Development Center, Nie, pioneer Education CTO Qinlong vehicle, three guests around the topic of scientific research, talent and education in-depth discussion, The following content is not change the original intention of editing.

Roundtable Forum

Artificial intelligence research in China and America

Nie: Chinese education has an advantage in mathematics and learning ability, and soon it will be able to start a new field, make it and fall to the ground. Because of the large number of users, a product is completed, soon there are many people to use. Now the state's support for artificial intelligence is very strong, and a series of policies have been introduced. And the United States in the AI field of Good foundation, and English is a global language, thinking from the beginning is the idea of globalization. Research on the advantages and disadvantages of AI in universities and enterprises

Qinlong vehicle: Since I was 2003 years old to join the laboratory to do speech synthesis research, by 2013, I did in the University for ten years "nothing" research, in colleges and universities we have to do some in the short term may not immediately have the use value of the research topic. But these topics are actually very important, there is space for exploration, more long-term things to see. One of my PhD research subjects was a small problem in speech recognition, which no one in the industry had ever valued. This question studies: if the vocabulary does not appear in the dictionary, speech recognition can be recognized, can automatically find, and five years later today it becomes a very important topic.

Enterprise demand for cutting-edge technology will be more urgent, many times we do research needs in a very short period of time for the company has an important value, but the enterprise has a lot of data, the amount of a large number of schools, computing resources is so, this is also in the industry to do research and schools compared to a great advantage. Beginners Beginner AI How to get fast growth

Li Guoliang: In fact, whether the first two years of large data, or the current AI, the essence is a large number of calculations. If you want to deal with this change, it is best to play their basic skills solid, learn some real skills, and not just training model tuning parameters. It is important to train the whole mind to deal with more occasions. It is much easier to learn any martial arts by getting through the two veins. What a picture of education +ai 5 years later

Li Guoliang: The future education trend of equality, the current gap in educational resources are very large, through AI education so that all children have equal opportunities for education, let him receive the best quality education, through the AI technology can be achieved, but also we would like to see.

Nie: I hope that teachers and students have teaching assistants to help students learn at all times, in a scene immediately can learn, online with the reality of the scene, teaching materials closely combined, and then better to interact. About the good future AI Lab

Good future AI Lab is committed to the use of AI technology to drive educational change, join the global high level AI scientists and the top talent in education, focus on computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing and machine learning and other cutting-edge technology in the education industry application and innovation.

Based on a good future mass of education data and quality of teacher resources, at present, the vision, voice, machine learning and many other technologies for product application, in the auxiliary teacher teaching, stimulating students class interest, intelligent interaction to do online education and other aspects made breakthroughs, to create sunglasses system, intelligent evaluation system, such as leading the industry innovation projects.

Winter vacation coming, good future AI lab strong attack, organized by AI Lab director Yang Songfan and Tsinghua University professor Li Guoliang jointly led the AI education training camp, to provide students with free learning resources and troubleshooting services, while in-depth link education industry, to provide actual combat project practicing. Click "ai Education Training camp for more details.

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