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Internal team or SEO services in fact this problem, a long time ago, a friend asked, and I also clearly remember that winning the era of the search engine marketing conference proscribed days also mentioned this kind of topic. In fact, this is also a lot of companies intend to take the road to search engine marketing will consider the problem, today He Tao here with you focus on my personal experience.

Concern Ningbo SEO Blog Friends should know, these two days I personally compare "empty" on the one hand is going to find a company to work, and on the one hand also want to take this opportunity to take a few more Ningbo network companies and also to meet with old friends. Today, I would like to say that the internal SEO team or outsourcing seo services, because I walked in those companies inside. The idea of this is mentioned from a variety of perspectives.

A type of company is a single SEO service, some friends may say. If the company do SEO services, of course, want to outsource this piece ah, in fact, in my opinion, there are articles in it. On the one hand we all know, if it is a more powerful companies want to outsource the form of SEO services, may be a year or six months of cooperation. By the original form of outsourcing to set the weight of the site, to their own money to recruit their own SEO team. So this situation for the company to do SEO services is more headache;

We look at a situation, do SEO for their own resources to build this piece is very important. This is also a lot of SEO services company can say how much time to be sure to make what effect of the cornerstone, especially for Baidu search engine optimization This is very important. So do SEO services companies, after all, search engines are not their own, they for certain customers must be ranked keyword, and do not see conversion rate and flow of customers, they will be a burden. The final result may be that the end of the paragraph is not received.

Let's put it another way. The enterprise that wants to create a team, first of all we can understand one thing, the boss is very open-minded or he has seen the internet is a trend. But also willing to spend the money to ask a dedicated SEO staff to operate their own web site. Then the problem comes out, with the above network SEO service company to compare, we look down. As an ordinary enterprise to want to directly recruit a SEO team is very difficult. Generally will consider one of the strokes, see the company itself a development depends.

There is a problem with the above form. For those who come in, unless they are the master. Can really in a short time to achieve results, but from the companies I walk to see, basically are not waiting for the state. This word how to understand, also said general very simple enterprise station, there will be very few enterprises to recruit SEO Commissioner, and often those who do platform, do mall this kind of site, the demand for SEO will be high. Then the flow of these stations change and ranking, will have a relatively long time to operate, the boss may wait for one months, will also consider waiting for two months. To say that more than four months of the boss will be very little, and generally will not be said in vain to "raise" you four months to wait for the results.

From different angles will have their problems, then what kind of company to set up SEO team, what kind of enterprise suitable for outsourcing SEO services?

The advantages of the internal team we all know to do SEO, a relatively large impact is. Do SEO people do not know what to do in this industry. This is a very painful thing, whether from the long tail word optimization or from the structure of the site design. If you really want to meet the user, the industry's understanding of the depth is still relatively high requirements. Conversely, if the SEO department and team personnel are their own company, but also understand the product is not to a large extent, the design and optimization of the idea will let the enterprise stand a better upgrade it?

Let's say one more thing. Let me say a simple metaphor: a race of fruit trees, and a race of 100 fruit trees. The fruit of the fruit trees they produce will not be the same. So if you spend 100 people to tree 100 trees, what about the yield of this orchard? In fact, this example is a good illustration of a situation, SEO services will be more on the results of the consideration, they may consider that I let these 100 fruit trees are the result, but the real consideration of the yield problem is very little.

The disadvantage of the internal team some friends said, from the big direction of the formation of their own team is certainly good, to say that the disadvantage is certainly a small part. Here I am a very real situation: for a team to build, he will certainly have a relatively long process. This process will include: you are in the period of training for new recruits, and during the training period you have to pay their wages, for the learner itself is a big profit, can learn and make money. But for the enterprise itself this does not necessarily mean that the big profit, and in this period will also staff turnover situation exists. The previous experience was wasted.

Again a more real situation, the general senior SEO staff, they will have a kind of in my view more mature thought, really mastered the knowledge, they will choose to leave, their own business. I believe this situation is not in the minority.

The advantage of SEO outsourcing is a clear advantage is that their team is mature, and without training can immediately start to operate the project. It seems to me that a big difference between SEO outsourcing and your own team is to make sure that their actions can be seen in a relatively short period of time. Especially for those projects are not very big, and anxious for the project, can bring a lot of cost savings to the enterprise. This is really a good thing.

SEO Outsourcing Disadvantage of this outsourcing is actually mentioned above is that they do not understand the industry. For this is still a method to solve, we can see the other side of the operation of the case, to see what cases they will be more, so for the site itself is certainly a relatively large help. In fact, in my opinion, the biggest disadvantage is that unless there is a particularly good relationship between the company, it is difficult to operate in the process or service, whether in the sense of responsibility or in time distribution will be greatly compromised.

Read the above brief introduction, I believe you should have a clearer understanding of their existing situation. In my opinion, not that all enterprises are suitable for the LDTX team, but to look at different industries, different situations are treated separately, the needle focus is different. The results of the operation are certainly not the same.

Article excerpt from He Tao SEO Blog: www.nb-seoer.com

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