How to do SEO to prevent customers from being pinned down

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Do SEO how to prevent customers from being pinned down! Do not receive the money, but the customer request a refund!

Did so long SEO, today want to share my experience, maybe also we have encountered the problem!

1. The contract may promise four words with the customer, have three words row to the homepage, still one is not go up, can't receive the paragraph, encounter unreasonable customer also request refund!

Solution One: I have been confronted with this problem more than once, the solution is to communicate with customers, reason, search engine is not we open, can on three words, we have worked hard, not to mention there are many unexpected long tail words up, think of their own Shong in the lonely computer before doing things, be sure to complain to customers, Be sure to try to get 80% of the money.

Solution Two: From the root of the problem, less commitment to more cash! Contract do not promise too much, only to do a word, other words to send customers can, so the test standard is more unique, as long as the subjects went up, half can automatically match a few words up, customers are happy, we are more happy to cooperate!

2. The main point does not go, long tail words went up a lot of customers to request a refund, their hard work to pay a lot of efforts by customers to request a refund, taste I think we can understand, the key is the customer can make money, we can only have bitter can't say!

Solution: Can not say or to say, and customers more communication, it is best to buy time, this phenomenon indicates that the site is still hope to row up, may be the problem of time, to stabilize the client more work! Do it as soon as possible.

3. Do not pay a deposit customers do not take, you know we do a station, we will pay a lot, this is our risk, and the customer is just on the sidelines, this customer is not a point of trust you, why also help him work!

Solution: With the customer analysis, for example, we are now monthly payment, the customer paid at least two months to start the work, because the monthly payment has been to give customers the biggest discount, two months of fees, in fact, we have to put the money in order to capital preservation,

We put more than customers, and do go up, it is definitely customer benefits than we are big n times, he is reluctant to invest, we have any reason to invest?

4. The platoon is still not receiving the paragraph, the customer does not know stable instability for non-payment!

Solution: This is a very good solution, if the domain name space in our hands, directly to the phone number changed, and then tell the customer, you think the site is stable to pay the money and then change to your phone, if the customer or not, on the ads sold to his opponents! You are unkind to me. If the domain name space is not in your hand, this is not easy to do, you can only lose, all the outside chain all removed, let him fall naturally, and then customers come to you, you say not to do your single, to do the first to double the price, because we did a second optimization work!

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