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Recently and a webmaster chat, his website has been on-line for about 3 years, whether from the Web design or content updates, as well as in Baidu have a good ranking, and this daily can because of the flow of the site, there are customers to call the advisory, "the best one, 6 a day to make a list", the webmaster said, Since this personal site has done so well, what is the method used?

This is where the topic starts, this stationmaster said the website promotion way and I saw some promotion way not to be two, "only insists", because oneself has the entity to operate, therefore, does the on-line marketing very has the pertinence, at first just holds the test attitude, the result is better than imagines. Undoubtedly, the website has reached the purpose of profit, this is a lot of webmaster friends in the pursuit of the dream, once the profit, what to do next?

I also have a strong interest in this issue, because, in the Internet to see a lot about website construction, SEO optimization, website promotion articles, and when the site is profitable after how to do, such experience seems very little! Because of this, I am very interested in the next step of the webmaster, the topic also talked about this. The other side of silence for a while, not to send a website to me, I opened the link, is a strange site, covered with advertising columns!

When he sent me this website, I was very disappointed and had to start from the beginning? Although this site is very related to his previous industry site, unfortunately, advertising and products are two areas after all, why in their own areas of expertise to continue to play it? Then the other side said that the advertising site's bright future, and said that I have done this site, Do the national again, how does this sound so familiar? The other party also invited me to some cooperation ... I've got a reason to go offline!

A webmaster of the energy of how much, a person can do how many things a day, time and energy are limited, Zhuge Liang again smart, "heads can also top a Zhuge Liang", the website to make money after the success of what we should do? is to follow the pattern of past successes in replicating a website, Or continue to be more refined on the original basis, formerly as long as a website, know how to optimize knowledge, making money is very easy things, now the site and a few years ago than has been very different, some industries even if spent a lot of money, please professional network marketing companies may not be able to make money, no doubt, in the previous success on the Laurels, Then the new copy of a Web site or related to a strange field, no doubt the future is difficult, even if successful, in the competitive Internet, at least to pay the previous energy of several times even dozens of times times, this is appropriate?

Many webmaster are talking about optimization, talk about promotion, talk about user experience, but very few people talk about employing the way, most of the personal site is a personal care, so in the personnel management has been in a disadvantaged position. Why is there such a situation? For a lot of reasons, first of all, the personal site from the build station, promotion, content update is a person in doing, not at all personnel management, and some of the webmaster encountered some problems, generally are to pay people to do, the vast majority of both are trading relations, in the content update, some webmaster is more convenient, Directly take a pseudo original software, just do a little done, there are some webmaster, pay attention to the original content of the site, please write, but paid not enough to pay a bowl of ramen money, such a price may guarantee original, but can guarantee high-quality original?

Perhaps, said so much, is around a sensitive topic, that is the shortage of funds, but, also have stationmaster willing to spend money, spend on promotion, spend on advertisement ... Because the upfront funding shortage, so, or low-key some good, in the Web site construction and promotion process, but also pay attention to the development and operation of the team, once to the profit that day, there is a mature model, the core team, then, is not the next success easier to replicate? Now most of the stationmaster is a person's success, Once a certain profit, then, I suggest or stick to the fruit of victory, some already very skilled web site skills, this time appropriate to find some to do, perhaps, perhaps, the team is such a little bit to build success! Football platform: A5, reprint please keep the link Thank you!

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