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Friendly reminder: This article is intended for SEO novice practitioners and small and medium-sized enterprises intended to do SEO, so please all the experts in the industry to mercy! Personally, how to quickly master the SEO method has been the enterprise or intended to enter the industry's children's shoes seo headache! So today I have a light I have some experience in the past few months How do you know how to handle it quickly?

First understand the content of SEO, mainly include the following aspects:

First, understand the structure of the site, content, link relationship.

When we open a website, the first sight is the site's page structure, so a good site should not just to do to the search engine to see, but more to consider our actual users, because the ultimate purpose of doing the station is for the user to see. The importance of the content of the site, I think I do not want to emphasize, I believe that even the new friends know the "content is King" the truth. Here to emphasize the point is that in making a fuss must be careful to do a good job.

And the importance of links, internal links are mainly used to facilitate the user's experience and search engine spiders crawling, while the external link is to improve the site's exposure rate and the weight of the site increased.

Second, the Website keyword choice.

Want to make the target user more accurate to find our website, then the key words are also critical, the internet has a lot of keywords to choose the article, here only to say how they usually for their own and customers to choose the keyword method, of course, the method is all change, and more is to use some tools, such as: Baidu, Google tools are commonly used, but my favorite or analog customer methods to choose, the reason is clear, I do the ultimate goal of the station is the customer!

Third, the website domain name, the space choice.

A good domain name for the site is very important, just imagine it can be understood, if you go to a good site, content, style are their favorite, would like to write down the domain name so that the next direct access, but the site domain name is very long and very difficult to remember, to believe you good memories, a long time will certainly forget.

Space speed directly affects the user experience, so it is important to choose a good space. Second, we have to learn some SEO skills to better and faster grasp of SEO, then need to have those skills?

First, we must understand the Web page production of some related technology, can make a static page. Here will be related to space settings, domain name purchase, website construction and other skills.

Second, we also have to understand the search engine related technology and principles. This means that you have to understand the ranking you want to be the search engine.

Third, the ability of data analysis. This requires weekly statistics keyword ranking report and traffic statistics, source flow site, good quality flow source, the article included!

The analysis log log can record the search engine daily crawl record and so on.

Editor's note: This article by Chang Xin SEO college First, SEO website promotion website Optimization Basic Course, reprint please specify! Welcome to join SEM, SEO optimization promotion Group: 118092998

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