How to select a host at the beginning of a novice SEO station

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Site optimization of the beginning of the first need to optimize the site is also the choice of host to work hard, good host can make your later SEO effort, poor main opportunity to make you mental haggard, even the impact of the site is disastrous. The following is the odd Fox SEO to novice host to choose a few suggestions, opinion for reference only.

First, try to choose the credibility of more trustworthy, more users than the host

Now some of the more famous host business quality is not said, but the price is too high, the cheapest 100M space also want more than 500 yuan. This is not very suitable for us these rice is not a lot of novice rookie. That only comes back. Second, choose those relatively inexpensive, Word-of-mouth also good host supplier. Beware of those with low price inferior host, the author of the first use of quality is not flattering, light is down for a few days, heavy is not know who is good. such as this price is not very high, good word-of-mouth host can generally be found in the webmaster circle, ask the webmaster old birds or go to some active forum to ask, will naturally appear good reputation of the host. For example: "All to Host"

Second, according to their own needs to select the host corresponding to the program

Now the host according to support program is divided into: ASP-type host PHP host and asp+php Universal host. So in the selection of the host also have to pay attention to their own construction station program is which, before buying the host customer service to confirm the host program and whether there are requirements of the database. Take a seat, do not wait until the program is uploaded to the space to find that the host is not supported this program, then time-consuming and laborious, lend your money.

Third, as far as possible to choose those host management backend features more

Background Control Panel of many functions, will make SEO and site management is very easy. Great savings in site optimization and management of the time, other mysteries are not to say.

And that's the choice of a host that has a good attitude and is technically comprehensive.

In this regard, it is recommended that novice SEO to buy the host before the host to communicate more, to ask a little more professional questions to help answer, so it is easy to know the quality of the host business.

Five, according to their own site size to buy the appropriate capacity of space.

If you are a small web site that you are building, or expect the station's traffic will be relatively small, you can consider the purchase of those with traffic restrictions of space, these space prices are very cheap, because all the space on the site are limited by traffic, but make it fast, in general, they provide the flow is also very difficult to run out. However, if your site is ready for all the public, or choose those who do not limit the flow of the better, you know, your site even if only a few hours, it will cause your rankings and the flow of a significant drop

In short, according to their own build station SEO practical needs to select the appropriate host, Qi Fox seo Friends in the circle of more than the host, or 28 to push the founder of one of the female webmaster, Lluya of the entire host. The main or Word-of-mouth good, price excellent, novice SEO can first go to understand the host.

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