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China's Internet development can be described by the blowout growth, but the internet is not widely used, Internet knowledge is not widespread, although China has overtaken the United States as the largest Internet market, with more than 250 million of the number of Internet users, but this does not mean that China's internet market is healthy and mature.

Internet users have increased, the information process has developed rapidly, and social informatization is a long-term project promoted by the government. Informatization is the basic driving force for the development of IDC market, with the further deepening of the industry application, the demand for IDC will be diversified and personalized, increasing the opportunity of IDC enterprises. But the current IDC market imbalance, consumer demand for products more and more high, and some of the IDC suppliers to provide uneven products, often jump out of the cottage version, enterprises in the choice of IDC products, need to pay attention to a lot of aspects, room hardware facilities, network access speed and stability, service and technical capabilities, Safety measures, and so on to choose the best cost-effective products.

The importance of the site to the enterprise is self-evident, and how to correctly choose the carrier server as a website, is undoubtedly a very important task for the enterprise. Due to the continuous development of enterprise application needs, the application of the server has become popular, the server can be said to be the core of the entire network, how to choose the size of the business to adapt to the server, is the focus of enterprise construction station. Select a network server should pay attention to its performance and after-sales service. In order to improve the speed of Web site access, your server and related equipment to have a perfect room facilities in the network data center, so that the system to achieve a safe, reliable, stable and efficient operation. The author learned that the era of the Internet ( server rental is now the active period, memory expansion of one times, the price is relatively lower than before, one-time payment customer is to send property rights. The era of interconnection as China's largest domain name and web hosting service provider, has been focused on the development of IDC business, focusing on long-term interests, perfect intimate after-sales service, dedicated to provide customers with high-quality services.

According to forecast, 2008 IDC industry output value is expected to break through 5.4 billion. The prospects for the application of IDC in Chinese SMEs are very broad. IDC service providers also seize the opportunity, committed to information construction, fully meet the increasing user network applications, IDC market whether winter? Only time for textual research.
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