Ides sap SEM 4.0/sap bw 3.50 laptop installation manual

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I. installation environment Introduction:

Hardware environment:
Notebook IBM X60 A33
CPU: t2300 1.86 1.5 gram 60g hdisk
Plug-in: 3.5 GB mobile hard drive.
The network adapter works properly, connects to the network cable, configures a fixed IP address, and does not require a virtual network adapter. During installation, the home and office have changed the IP address several times, without any impact.
OS: win2003 + SP1 has not been installed with any other patches. Norton client is always found in the installation disk, and finally deleted. Now the machine is running bare

Installation disk:
51030763 nw04 SR1 6.40 sap kernel Oracle
51032143 6.20/6.40 based products installation master
51030724 NetWeaver 04 SR1 SAP Web as Java
51031331 sap bw 3.50 installation export DVD ides
51030122 Oracle 9.2 RDBMS
51031614 Oracle 9.2 patch

Ii. Installation Process

Test the above disks to the hard disk. The hard disk must be around GB and GB is sufficient.
The overall process is
1. Install ORACLE Server
2. Install the Oracle client
3. Install Oracle patch
4. Install sap central instance
5. Install SAP database instance

Iii. Problem description during installation:

1. After the system is installed, first you need to downgrade the Security Policy, go to add and delete programs, add the window component, and remove the first item.
2. the mobile hard drive has no response during the installation process. If an error is reported during installation, you can only unplug the USB port and re-start the installation. After several times, it may not feel very good. It is suspected that the 3.5 hard drive is powered, after searching on the Internet, you can optimize the performance of the mobile hard disk. In the Device Manager, disk drive, properties, and Policy, select performance optimization.
3. I started to install everything on the mobile hard disk, but failed once. The second time I installed SAP applications and Oracle Systems on the local hard disk, less than 3 GB is required, and the Oracle data file is placed on the mobile hard disk, GB is required. the page file must be at least 4 GB and an error will occur if it is missing.
4. oracle Installation, first install the server, and then install the client. follow the installation manual. however, remember to add ORACLE_HOME and oracle_sid in the environment variables, and then run sqlplus in cmd to test whether oracle is properly installed.
5. For Java installation, I use version Although I have been prompted to upgrade, I still have to block the temptation.
6. when installing the dabase instance, there is probably a need for brtools after the data is loaded. Remember to check the brtools version after the brtools error occurs. This set includes 700, if you need brtools of 640, go to the SAP website and click Next. Unzip brtools and replace brconnect.

Iv. Problems after installation

After installation, it can be started normally! Congratulations first, but = Why can't I enter it? I don't know if everyone can go in. I can't go in anyway. The account I mentioned in SAP notes prompts that the account has been locked. There is no way to do it,
Connect to the database, the installed machine is not around, and the specific column name is missing.
SAP In the ur02 table, delete the sap * user in the 800client.
At this time, the user name and password for login are sap */pass


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