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The site is ranked by the station, outside the station two aspects of the decision, many people in the process of doing SEO often will specialize in one aspect, do very well in the station, but the external link is scarce, otherwise is the station outside the link is very strong, and the content of the station, the link is scarce, such as a development of the Web site like rain after spring bamboo appears in front of us.

And the existence of this phenomenon led to the current SEO industry circulated a plausible conclusion: Baidu optimization to do the content on the line, Google optimization to do the chain on the line, really? Is that really the case? When you hear this rumor, do you think about it with your head? What is the core of the service provided by the search engine?

Conformity is not a good phenomenon, just a little thought you will understand that the search engine provides the core of the service is "content", without the "content" we will need search engines? It is certainly not necessary, without the "content" search engine will not exist. So "content" for any search engine is very important, including not limited to Google, Baidu.

Say the content, the external link. Take 3 seconds to think about why there are external links. Why do external links exist?

The search engine seems to be an external link is a voting behavior, regardless of the SEO situation, think about why people will give your site to vote?

That's because your site has content that helps the user, so others will point the link to your site, which seems to be back to the content.

Conversely, if you think your site has a lot of valuable content, but no other sites to your site to vote, your content in search engine where will be judged as valuable? I think the search engine will at least not determine that your content is "high value", if it is "high-value" content, Then there will be users to help you spread.

So what can be done to create a relatively perfect from the perspective of SEO site it?

First: Choose short, easy to remember domain name such as:, just for example, please do not netizens.

Short domain name users can be very convenient to remember, convenient next visit, many SEO like to use Pinyin to do domain names, this is absolutely undesirable. Think if there is no search engine, you will also choose that long pinyin as your domain name?

Second: perfect content, not in a hurry to publish external links

When the site is online, do not rush to do external links, a lot of people in the Web site just when they started shouting when there is a ranking ah? Why does the published article not included AH? Ask yourself, is there anything special about your site that will make you stand out from hundreds of billions of sites? Why do you collect them so quickly? Even if a collection of why so fast to you rank?

Now Baidu has increased the audit of the new site, is this reason, a normal site is a period of time to accumulate good quality content.

Third: When there is a certain amount of original content, start to publish external links.

You must have a certain content on your site, and then publish an external link. How much content is not fixed standard, at least let oneself see. Can think of themselves as a visitor, to see their website, at least can not let oneself feel that this site is to cheat traffic, a little value not.

This period of Baidu big update, a lot of single page ranking off the bad, in the final analysis is no content caused.

Four: Let the user produce content

Rely on their own strength can only improve the content of the site earlier, a site to long-term development, need enough to the user valuable content, where the content from? A lot of valuable content is, of course, generated by the user.

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