Is there any drama in the IT consulting industry?

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In simple words, it is "answering questions ".

Different people may have different opinions on "How to answer questions.

There is a saying: From the Perspective of IT Consulting and management consulting services, when it technology applications recreate a brand new business environment, when enterprises no longer need a single management consulting and a single technology, the "new" management consulting that integrates management ideas, business models, and technical applications will emerge. Obviously, IT consulting is inseparable from management consulting in terms of service content. Today, most IT consulting organizations use "Management + it" to describe their market positioning. I believe this is the basis of such service content.

However, IT consulting is inseparable from the entire IT industry. With the gradual healthy and rational development of the domestic IT industry, IT Consulting will undoubtedly become a "star" in the future ". In recent years, large and small consulting institutions at home and abroad have no exception in the formation of IT consulting business units. This cake can also be found to be big enough. As a result, some people once say that IT Consulting will collect traditional consulting. For the time being, no matter who can laugh at the end of IT Consulting and traditional Consulting, the popularity of the single market has left many organizations to hate themselves. It seems that it is not long before everyone jumps to the desktop to compete for discourse hegemony.

"Management + It": A good saying

In an interview with AMT, the representative of "Party A consulting" in China, Peng Yi, the president, told reporters that from ERP, process reengineering, to "Management + it ", this AMT took 10 years. Based on the development of AMT, let's take a look at the development experience of Ti consulting in China.

In the first year of the 21st century, with the help of the myth of ERP, local IT Consulting has ushered in spring. Of course, the foreign ERP manufacturers have made great efforts for the arrival of Chinese ERP in spring. SAP signed a large order every year in China but suffered a small loss of money every year. It was a tough option for Chinese enterprises, but it grew closer and closer, looking at China's huge ERP market. Oracle started from the database, it is "difficult" to enter the "Manufacturing ERP" market. After Spring refining, software vendors in China have to take the "Big bag" approach to carry out the consulting task on their own. Drug sales have become doctors. In the consulting process, although software providers will also bring some management ideas in the software to customers, the ultimate goal is to sell their own software. When this layer of window paper is cracked, wang Po's self-sold melons are hard to sell.

This is an obstacle for managing software providers to enter the IT consulting industry. As a hardware product provider, it is difficult to ensure the objectivity and impartiality of the product selection when providing consulting services for enterprises. However, by separating the consulting business, we can maintain the independence of the consulting Department. This problem can be solved to a certain extent.

The market is heartless. On the one hand, it is too difficult, and on the other hand, the current situation of enterprises is too complex. As a result, the management consulting company successfully became a matchmaker, and the consulting consultant was involved in the implementation process, which became a "rule" without knowing it; on the other hand, many enterprises with IT technology backgrounds also flood into the consulting industry, the success example is IBM's "gorgeous" turn towards consulting services.

Different from the implementation consulting Department of IT vendors, as a management consulting company, its starting point is to improve the overall management level of the enterprise. Therefore, if the management of the customer's enterprise has not been developed to a certain extent, or even though the enterprise is large, but in fact the business is very simple, then naturally there is no need for a set of software, then at this time, the consultant will calmly ask the customer to say "no" to some new IT gadgets ".

This combination of management and it is the "Management + It" mentioned by Peng Yi above ". AMT only answers questions about the system at what stage, how much money is spent, how to allocate, and how to avoid risks. For enterprises, the value of such consulting is to objectively evaluate whether an information project is truly in line with the enterprise's development strategy.

The basis of the statement:
It is easy to enter "segments" for inbound data.

When the reporter asked Peng Yi to briefly describe the AMT consultation, Peng Yi was particularly embarrassed. Indeed, unlike other industries, the intangible results are not only difficult to quantify, but the results may not appear until many years later.

Some people also say that IT consulting is a highly "deceptive" industry. In their opinion, it is too easy to start a consulting company, an office (or a Home Office), a pen, and a laptop. There are many examples of it consultation for "two or three people, seven or eight guns. Therefore, there are a large number of IT consulting institutions in China, but there is not much to do.

It is easy to enter "rows" and "difficult ". The Founding of a "bag company" means "going into the market", which only indicates that it has crossed the traditional tangible barriers of IT consulting, and brand, reputation, customer, talent, knowledge, etc, how to overcome these intangible barriers of the consulting industry is the realm of "entry. In addition, the "segment" is divided into nine levels, which seems to be a little bit different. In fact, it reveals the high power and the wide disparity of components.

Each expansion of the IT consulting organization's own scale is a test. Two indicators are commonly used in the consulting industry: the utilization rate of consultants and the return rate of consultants to assess whether the consulting company can continue to operate. It is difficult for every consulting organization to maintain a high advisor utilization rate and yield rate while expanding its own scale.

What is "Kung Fu in China "?

From the mouth of a senior IT analyst, the reporter learned that there is such a story. A well-known Enterprise in China decided to build it systems. The most expensive quote in the bidding consulting organization was nearly 3 million RMB different from the cheapest one, the most expensive offer comes from a well-known foreign consulting organization, and the cheapest is from an unknown small consulting company in China. The gap between the most expensive and the cheapest is of course very obvious, which is inferior in terms of knowledge structure, Personnel Ratio and monitoring. Finally, the bidding company did not select the most expensive foreign consulting agency. Instead, it threw the cooperation olive branch to a consulting agency with a slightly famous domestic quote between the two.

Local organizations may not be able to compete with foreign companies in terms of brands, experience, and talents. However, when more Chinese enterprises try to drink ice-breaking lemon tea instead of Coca-Cola and overcome the lofty mentality, most of them will choose a cheap and affordable domestic consulting organization, which gives local IT consulting a development opportunity. The premise for obtaining this opportunity is that local consulting companies prove in good faith that they are not a "bridge ".

Although the price is very important, it is also one of the reasons for the "Foreign Experience" in China. Who is more local "? The discussion seems more valuable. Even the Nobel Economics Prize Winner Steven litz once lamented: "Whoever understands China's economic issues can win the Nobel prize ." Yes. What is the value of the Chinese market economy that foreign consulting institutions have over a hundred years of experience in transformation and progressive reform? Foreign consulting companies can proudly say, "I have established dozens of branches around the world, and the projects I have done are piled up ." However, there may not be many enterprises in China.

However, on the other hand, China's IT consulting industry is gradually on the right track, which is irrelevant to the arrival of foreign consulting companies. Currently, local consulting companies that are active in the IT consulting market and are able to compete with foreign investors for business are almost all starting from the shoulders of international consulting giants. With a deep understanding of local culture, in order to become a self-owned company, with a set of effective "Chinese people consulting" approach.

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