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reviewed the contents of the agreement today.


What is a protocol: a protocol is a rule, and a protocol is defined as a rule.

Classes in OC can comply with a protocol, and a class that adheres to a protocol is equivalent to having a capability.

@protocol protocol Name

@required declaration of properties and methods that must be followed

@optional declare properties and methods that are optional (CAN) adhere to

Default @required


One class follows a protocol

[email Protected] Class name (category class name): Parent class name < protocol name >

B. Implementing the methods declared in the agreement

Inheritance of agreements

The inheritance of the agreement is equivalent to the merger of the agreement.

@protocol myprotocalb<myprotocala>

-(void) learn;


A class can adhere to multiple protocols at the same time, separating the protocols with "," separators.

@interface Student:


Protocol parameters

You can make a parameter an ID type but follow a protocol, which limits the parameters.

For example, a method requires an arbitrary type of object, but requires that the object must have a method. The parameter types are as follows:

-(void) method Name parameter description: (id< protocol name >obj;

For example:-(void) Dancewithobject: (id<dancedelegate>) obj;

Protocol return value type

+ (id<buttonprotocol>) Createbynum: (int) num


Switch (NUM)


Case 1:

return [[Loginbutton alloc]init];

Case 2:

return [[Regiterbutton alloc]init];


return nil;


Protocol Selector

-the reference to the protocol points to an agreement

Protocol *p = @protocol (nscopying);

-You can tell if a class has followed a protocol

BOOL B = [Student conformstoprotocol:p];

1, the protocol uses the situation: A class has an instance method, this instance method to the object passed over, restricts it must implement a specific method, and the passed object type is not limited.

2. Format

Protocol name: @protocol protocol Name Protocol name general: class name +delegate.

Protocol content: A specific method

Specific examples:

The instance method in the AA class has a protocol limit.

The BB class is a generic class.


In Aa.h :

Protocol wording

@protocol aadelegate < NSObject >

Agreement content

-(void) play;


@interface Aa: NSObject

The object of the infection complies with the agreement

-(void) Playwithobject: (ID<AaDelegate>) anyobject;


An example method of AA.M with protocol is written in the paper.

-(void) Playwithobject: ( ID <aa Delegate >) anyobject{



When introducing the AA Bb class in the Viewcontroller.

Create objects individually. AA class object, invoking an instance method to pass the BB class object into the Times warning: The BB class object must be compliant with the protocol of the instance method in the AA class.

Need to Bb.hin the Bb class:

The class in which the Protocol is introduced

#import "Aa.h"

Let the BB class comply with the agreement:

@interface Bb: NSObject <aaDelegate>

Implement the Protocol content in Bb.h.

Areas to be aware of:

Lan Yi Education Record

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