Large-scale invoicing management system source electrical Appliances industry electronic Products Invoicing ASP. C # Framework

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system function module, System Management: Department management, user management, role management, menu management, parameter setting Commodity management: Type management, brand management, name management, Model Management, warehouse management, merchant management, unit management, Sales Detail Inventory management: Purchase warehousing, commodity transfer, inventory information, merchandise out of the library , shipping information, sales details, price management, returns voided financial management: Procurement statistics, sales statistics, profit analysis, financial flow accounts, payroll query Sales Management: Retail invoicing, sales inquiries, price inquiries wholesale management: Wholesale invoicing, wholesale inquiries, price inquiries, engineering sales, sales invoicing, sales Inquiry, Price inquiry after-sales management: Customer repair, repair, repair and inquiry spare parts management: Spare parts warehouse, spare parts classification, spare parts catalog, spare parts warehousing, spare parts out of the library staff management: Staff settings, job management customer Management: Customer Information Technology features: 1, Site layout: Using the most advanced layout way div +CSS, conforms to the standard and Web2.0 style. 2, programming modularization, using Xml+ajax Web page without refresh technology, enhance the user experience, alleviate the server pressure. 3, Security: The database uses MD5 non-reversible encryption, in addition, the use of static generation technology, security and speed are guaranteed. 4, Extensibility: The layout adopts div+css and the program design modularization, greatly guaranteed the program expansibility and the stability. System Details Click to view

Large-scale invoicing management system source electrical Appliances industry electronic Products Invoicing ASP. C # Framework

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