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For a long time the SEO practitioners of the enterprise station are generally not too able to control the SEO work of large websites. Because of the large portals, information, electrical business site needs to do the SEO work will be more meticulous, complex, strategic! So the requirements of the SEO practitioners are also to master more comprehensive skills! What about the abilities that need to be mastered?

 First, SEO basic skills

In fact, the basic skills of SEO, this piece of all SEO practitioners, especially to do business SEO friends are very understanding, such as layout, tags, inner chain, outside the chain, and so these will not say more. These are the most basic skills to have, the most important thing is that these things must be their own combat, rather than simply heard from the Internet. This is important!

II. extension of technical capacity

In fact, a lot of friends are not SEO origin, so the technology is not too important, even throw "SEO no technical content" of the remarks, basically just understand some basic HTML code, so it is difficult to study the SEO technology breakthrough, in particular, there are some requirements need to be implemented in the program to communicate with the program personnel, There will be a lot of problems, some problems if the communication is not in place, the program personnel can not understand in place, it is difficult to do very good collaboration, it is easy to cause seoer feel very simple a demand, the program staff but unintelligible situation, in fact, this kind of embarrassing situation in some companies SEO team is not very mature situation occurs frequently!

If we know some of the technology, even if they do not have to write the code level, but with the program staff is also very smooth communication, so that the effect will be increased n times! A large website SEO friends should be able to understand the above I said these problems!

Third, the website data analysis ability

Small Business station SEO work does not have too many data needs analysis, large-scale website is different, the general large-scale website column, the channel, the content is numerous, has the very huge flow and the visitor data, a slight adjustment will affect the big scope influence. So we do large-scale web site SEO work, must have the data control, analysis and processing capabilities, and according to the data to make strategic adjustments. Some do better companies have a special data collection department, if not, these jobs need SEO personnel to do, so SEO practitioners must master good data analysis ability!

When it comes to data analysis, there is an important ability to do data reporting, a perfect data report, can let the leader know that your work is outstanding! So data analysis ability and reporting ability is equally important!

The above several points is to do a large web site seo necessary ability, so do a qualified seoer is not simple to do a few key words so easy, we need to master comprehensive related skills, so as to achieve the best in the field! Have you ever stalled? This paper is based on Tianjin wedding dress Leasing (http:// Original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you! A5 start! Fight in SEO friends together! Constantly improve their own ability! Check leakage fill continuously improve, you will be SEO industry leader!

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