Learn about Ruby you need to know about (RVM, gems, bundles, rake, rails, etc.)

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This article focuses on learning about Ruby you need to know about knowledge (RVM, GEM, bundle, rake, rails, etc.), the needs of friends can refer to the next


That's not going to be a lot.


To help you install the Ruby environment, help you manage multiple ruby environments, and help you manage which Ruby environment is used on the machine for each Ruby app you develop. The ruby environment is not just Ruby itself, but also a dependent third-party ruby plugin. are managed by RVM.


This also needless to say, well-known development framework. Detailed View Http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_on_Rails


RubyGems is a handy and powerful Ruby package manager, similar to redhat rpm. It packs a ruby application into a gem as an installation unit. Without installation, the latest version of Ruby already contains rubygems.


Gems are packaged ruby applications or code libraries.

Note: The gem command used in the terminal refers to the management of the gem package through RubyGems.


Define which third-party packages your app depends on, and bundles are looking for those packages based on that configuration.


Rake is the most important of all the gems that need to be installed, and it should always be the first gem you install on your system. Rake is a build tool, similar to make, but it allows you to write Rakefile (how to build a definition file) in Ruby, which uses a specific DSL (Domain-specific language, Domain Specific language), Provides a high level of readability while maintaining Ruby's power. Rails uses rake extensions to perform a variety of tasks, such as database initialization, updates, and so on.

Rake is a build language, similar in purpose to make and ant. Like make and ant it's a Domain specific Language, unlike those a internal DSL programmed in the Ruby Language.

PS: Personal feeling is somewhat similar to the app/console in Symfony2

Detail http://rake.rubyforge.org/


Rakefile is written by Ruby, and the command execution of rake is defined by the Rakefile file.

In a gem's context, the rakefile is extremely useful. It can hold various tasks to help building, testing and debugging your gems, among all other things so you might find use Ful.

Details: http://rake.rubyforge.org/files/doc/rakefile_rdoc.html


Equivalent to multiple RubyGems batch runs. In profile Gemfilel, describe which third-party packages your app relies on, and he automatically downloads and installs multiple packages for you, and downloads the packages that they depend on.

Bundler maintains a consistent environment for Ruby applications. It tracks an application's code and the RubyGems it needs to run, so this an application would always has the exact gems ( and versions) that it needs to run.

Learn about Ruby you need to know about (RVM, gems, bundles, rake, rails, etc.)

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