Leaving the SEO site will not survive it?

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Before the arrival of SEO2.0, a little optimization, the site in the search engine performance can be quickly improved, whether it is included in the volume or ranking, can be improved through some relatively simple operation. But today, we do our best and can't get the favor of search engines. But when we come back to ask ourselves a question, "Leave the SEO site will not survive it?" , we may be more rational.

SEO mentality is divided into two kinds

All start to Practice SEO friends, have the mentality of no more than two kinds: positive SEO and negative seo.

The so-called positive SEO refers to the SEO-oriented, in the design and implementation of the site process, every detail should be considered SEO factors in the practice of various aspects of SEO proactive, enjoyable. To give some very simple examples, ① we try to make each page conform to a certain page rule, let the more important content appear in advance, but in fact, our design sometimes can not make these keywords appear at the beginning, for example, many sites will start with many navigation links, such as "Contact us, add favorites, set as homepage" And so on, this is a lot of web design is an important part of some sites are the first is the landing box. ② we try to strictly control our own page links, even at all costs to keep the link in the station, I used the trick is to use the script to replace the link, href value using #, increase the script click action. ③url extremely fastidious, the bar URL contains the most conducive to the inclusion of elements, the level of the URL to the lowest, or even no hierarchy. But in fact, our users are more willing to learn from the URL of some information, such as the classification of the article, the previous level directory. ④ to the site to do every change is extremely careful, for fear of the site's weight and rankings have an impact. But in fact, sometimes, our site needs to change immediately to adapt to the user's new requirements for the function of the site.

The so-called negative SEO, that is, when the site runs to a certain extent, the need to have a good ranking in search engines, or have more included quantity, have to do SEO optimization, in the practice of SEO links show a passive, have to change for SEO. To give some simple examples, ① modifies the relative address to an absolute address, trying to centralize the weights. ② build a site map to make spiders more in-depth. ③ adds nofollow to the link. And so on a variety of SEO activities.

User experience that has to be discarded for SEO purposes

In recent reading of some articles, I found that the SEO is not good to do, not only seoer their own technology or capacity is not enough reason, the commercial search engine itself also has a variety of problems. To give a very simple example, Baidu's own products will be ranked in front of Baidu search results, certified corporate Web site to increase the number of certification icon row in front. This is just a search engine's own participation in the rankings of examples. There are also some conditions, the search engine can not judge the value of the content of the site, take a knife cut a wind-blown tactics, the site directly into the ditch. Baidu launched the green and pomegranate belong to this category, in fact, search engine participation in the more unnatural activities, the search quality will have more impact, the user experience will also decline. In contrast, Google a little better, the initiative to hit less, and through the analysis of data and technology, the correct judgment on the information is Google's attitude, but even so, Google will introduce Penguins, trying to show their important position.

But if you are a website operator, will you not give up the search engine for this portal? certainly not. But if you try to take advantage of it, you have to follow some rules that may be at odds with your site. For example ① you have to prohibit others from sending out full URL links on your site, because they may use your site for outside links, or you will not be willing to have their own site with some of the potential problems of the site to have any contact to avoid being implicated. ② you have to be extremely careful of your own friendship links to prevent them from being demoted to affect your site, or you will find ways and weight of the site friend chain higher. ③ you have to give up some gorgeous scripting moves, because they may slow down your Web page speed and cause a decrease in the signal-to-noise ratio of your Web page. In short, you have to face up to SEO problems in these issues and constantly thinking about wasting time, but also to worry about.

Website without SEO running as usual

I've done a website before, included and ranked all good, but after the revision of the collapse, but before I specialize in SEO, I have never considered for it to do SEO, it has, just a WordPress and a common theme, no SEO data, SEO has never been concerned about.

If you do not understand SEO, to seriously do a website, do not pay attention to its search engine data, you will slowly find that the flow from the search engine will slowly rise, and if you have been concerned about SEO, then to do a similar site, you will find yourself so anxious and uneasy. Is SEO to blame? Perhaps you should forget SEO, when necessary, with a negative SEO mentality to deal with the problem of the site can be. Article source article source of overseas high anti-server http://www.huiqiangkeji.com, reprint please specify!

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