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Guide: With the Baidu search engine and other major search engine algorithm is constantly changing the new, site using black Hat SEO operation, once the major search engine found that will lead to the disaster, we should be how to save the Black Hat SEO operation of the risks, the following by Lu Yuhua sem interpretation of Black hat SEO operation was punished after the measures, According to their own point of view to share with you, the site once the use of Black Hat SEO operation, by the search engine found that we should take what kind of response measures.

One, the control keyword density strategy

Baidu search engine expressly, the key words should not be too much, do not insert unrelated keywords, otherwise as cheating, it is likely to be blacklisted. For the density of the key words, the network has thousand capital hundred state's argument. Lu Yuhua sem that the best range is 2%~7%, for the new site, keyword density as small as possible as well. If a site on the line on the high density of the keyword layout, it is easy to be search engines think you do keyword piling, and thus received punishment.

Second, the content of the website Forever "Quality"

If we use black Hat SEO operation, the early stage through a variety of collectors, the content of the site to collect and update, if we accidentally discovered by search engines, search engines on our site to punish, it is likely because the quality of the site article is too low, most of them are collected, It's easy to be viewed by search engines as worthless and meaningless sites. Now the search engine has entered the user Experience era, is no longer "content for the king, chain for the Emperor" era, we should always remember a website, the content is always kingly, if you want the quality of the site, keywords and rankings to maintain a stable position, we must give the site to provide the highest quality content, so that our site weight will be high, Original articles are essential. A large number of low quality articles or collection of articles, it is likely to be the search engine down the right penalty. And for the site later and early development, in the degree of optimization to bring serious harm, we need to remember in mind, always thinking.

Three, in-Station optimization--column chain processing strategy

In addition to a site with high-quality content, links are essential elements. Search engine through the chain, outside the chain, through a link network, you can quickly find new pages within the site, but also through links to differentiate the site's page weight and distribution. The smooth chain within the site, in search engine optimization occupies a very important position. We can use webmaster tools to conduct the entire site inspection. If too many dead chain, directly affect the search engine spiders crawl and crawl the Web page. will create a large number of 404 pages or some error pages, the search engine is likely to think that the site is a garbage station or bullying type of site, this is also caused by the site is one of the important factors.

IV. website Security Policy

Under normal circumstances caused the site to be down the right, including space factors, the site hangs horse factor, the server is attacked factors navigation site can not open, some hackers through some hacker technology to modify our site important documents, navigation site down right. We need to do a good job of Web site security strategy, once the site appears these circumstances, we can use the response measures, to find out the safety factors, to solve, do the appropriate security measures. Put some important files to write permissions, the FTP password as far as possible to make it more complex, every one weeks to the site data backup, every one weeks to the site for a full station check. This can effectively let the site restore the original appearance as soon as possible.

Five, outside the chain of the spider strategy

We know a site by the search engine punishment, not to say that the search engine will no longer patronize you, but put us in the secluded place, let us quietly introspection, give us a site using black Hat SEO operation a time period. This time can be long or short, may be six months, or a year, or permanent, this depends on the black hat we use SEO operation of severe and mild problems, the key is to see our response. The website renewal and the outside chain work, needs the continuous stable operation, simultaneously must pay attention to the quality. Release a number of high-quality outside the chain, to attract the attention of spiders, update high-quality original content, to pretty good spiders. After such a period of time, the search engine will find that your site has returned to normal operation and optimization of the state, the search engine will undo your punishment, to give weight and rank.

This article summary: The above article by Idsem Group Editor Lu Yuhua SEM publishes, is only a personal point of view, but here, Lu Yuhua SEM recommended that you go all the year round, sooner or later fell into the river, we do not use black hat technique, the use of white hat SEO operation, so that the site keyword ranking forever in the first place, the wind and rain will never fall. Also hope that brothers and sisters, reproduced in time, can leave me a small footprint:

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