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2009 as the year 3G, so that the major operators of mobile Internet competition officially opened the curtain, all-round battle has now staged. April 16, Telecom first announced the 3G release number of this important move, hold high the banner of 3G Internet card, and said that starting from 16th, the first batch of 120 cities nationwide 3G number, and will cover the 3G network in more than 300 cities, it is expected this year at the end of October, all villages and towns in the country Subsequently, China Telecom 3G service debut in Boao Forum for Asia 2009, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry Xi Guohua to 3G of the latest business and technology first application and service at BOAO Annual meeting, and gave full recognition.

In fact, since the 3G licensing, the industry has been the driving force is very clear, the performance of communications manufacturers more significant. 3G Mobile phone service development speed is more rapid, the major communications companies have launched their own 3G bright spot business. Among them, mobile phone network card, mobile music, mobile TV, mobile phone search, videophone and so on, as the communications business in this market Gongchenglvede the first step. Visible, mobile phone and other wireless communication equipment on the Internet speed is accelerating, the increase in bandwidth to wireless Internet development provides a broader space. And from the domestic era and other gold service providers to provide the first. mobi domain name registration, including Sina, Baidu and other Internet enterprises, Bank of China, ICBC and other financial enterprises, as well as Wahaha, Yanjing, Yili, Wuliangye and other traditional well-known enterprises are registered in time. mobi domain name.

From the current market situation, more and more enterprises have seen the mobile phone wireless network potential market, have to apply. mobi wireless domain name for their own to create a suitable mobile phone browsing site, hope that the corporate web site to extend to the mobile phone, so that more people understand the enterprise, focus on enterprises. The Mobi domain name is the first top-level domain designed for users who have access to the internet via mobile phones,, a related person in the era. For ordinary users,. mobi may be just a domain name, but for those companies that are moving closer to the mobile Internet, it is the focus of their dreams. Enterprises can build their own web site to the wireless internet, so that users can browse the phone on the enterprise information, so as to bring more customers and business opportunities. Therefore, enterprises to the 3G market in the fiery war to occupy the commanding heights, the urgent need to enter mobile commerce, take down. mobi domain name, otherwise, where the advantage can be said.

I think that with the popularization of 3G in China, there will be more people to build mobile web sites. And according to relevant data shows that China currently has 670 million mobile users, including 117.6 million mobile internet users, growth rate of 133%. This data reflects the strong potential of our mobile internet. Therefore, only early recognition of this point, in order to better cater to market demand, and promote the continuous development of enterprises.
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