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Network marketing is a behavior or activity that guides users' attention by means of all the online application service platforms recognized by target users. It aims to promote online product sales and expand brand influence.


On the internetIn the age of web1.0, common online marketing include: search engine marketing, email marketing, instant messaging marketing,BBSMarketing and viral marketing, but with the development of the InternetWeb2.0In this age, network application services are constantly increasing and network marketing methods are increasingly enriched, including: blog marketing, podcast marketing,RSSMarketing,SnMarketing, creative advertising marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, experience marketing, interesting marketing, knowledge marketing, integrated marketing, event marketing.


We need to deeply understand many network marketing strategies and apply them to product promotion and brand building based on our own resources. How can we understand and effectively carry out such marketing strategies, the following are my personal opinions:


1)Search engine marketing


There are two types of search engine marketing:Seo and search engine advertising and marketing


SeoThat is, the search engine is optimized through the website structure (internal link structure, website physical structure, website logical structure) high-quality website theme content, rich and valuable external links are optimized to make the website more user-friendly for users and search engines, website traffic is introduced in order to obtain the ranking of the advantages of search engines.


Search engine advertisements are well understood. They refer to the advertisement spaces on the search results page to achieve marketing purposes. Various search engines have launched their own advertising systems, which are just in different forms; the advantage of search engine ads is relevance. Because ads only appear in the relevant search results or related topic pages, search engine ads are more effective than traditional ads, and the customer conversion rate is higher.



2)Email marketing


E-Mail Marketing provides the industry and product information to the desired users through email through subscription, so as to establish trust and trust relationships with users. Most companies and websites have used e-mail marketing. After all, email is already one of the basic Internet application services.



3)Instant Messaging Marketing


As the name suggests, it is a marketing method that uses instant chat tools on the Internet for promotion and publicity. For example, recent exploitationMSN sends spam messages."China Yuan"(This article is being continued.ArticleAnd then received the spam message, as shown in the figure)


I do not like this strategy, but it is not conducive to brand building. It may be a small amount of traffic, but the user not only does not recognize your brand name, even your brand name has been blacklisted; therefore, effective marketing strategies require us to consider providing users with valuable information for their individual.



4)Viral Marketing


Viral marketing does not use viruses or rogue plug-ins for promotion. Instead, it uses a reasonable and effective credit system to guide and stimulate users to actively promote the promotion, it is a marketing model based on intended users.


5) BBSMarketing


I don't need to explain it in detail. I think this application is already quite common. Especially for personal webmasters, most of them go to the portal site forum and leave links to their websites. Every day, hundredsIP address; of course, for enterprises,BBSMarketing must be specialized and refined.



6)Blog marketing


Blog marketing is the establishment of enterprise blogs for interaction between enterprises and users and the embodiment of corporate culture, generally, enterprise Blog content such as industry comments, work feelings, mood essays, and professional technologies is used to make users trust enterprises more and deepen their brand influence.


Blog marketing can be a self-built blog or a third-party blog.With BSP, enterprises can communicate with each other through blogs to improve customer relationships and business activities. Compared with advertising, enterprise blog marketing is Indirect marketing. Although it does not directly promote products, enterprises communicate with consumers through blogs, publish enterprise news, collect feedback and opinions, and implement enterprise public relations, however, the process of making users close, listen, and communicate is the best marketing method. Enterprise blogs play a similar role to enterprise websites, but they are more casual. The other is the most effective and feasible way to use blogs (people) for marketing. This is always a hot topic in the blog industry. The interests of Lao Xu and Sina Blog are urgent,KESOBlog advertisement, the blog advertising alliance of Hexun, And the blog evaluation activities of rising recently. This is actually the mainstream and direction of blog marketing. Blog marketing is characterized by low cost, crowd sharing, closeness to the masses, and freshness. blog marketing often forms public discussions and achieves a good secondary communication effect. This has many successful cases in foreign countries, but it is still relatively small in China!


GoogleThe latest enterprise blog called"Google blackboard Report ", for how to operate, please refer to the article" how to playBlogInteractive marketing function"



7)Podcast Marketing


Podcast marketing is to implant advertisements in a widely spread personalized video or to solicit creative advertisements on the podcast website for brand promotion and promotion. For example: some time ago, I have created an advertisement creative solicitation activity for online events; the most popular overseas video podcast (a video carnival for Internet users all over the world), a well-known company has extended its brand concept by publishing creative video advertisements. This has deepened its brand effect.



8) RSSMarketing


RSSMarketing is a relatively immature marketing method. Even in developed countries like the United States, there are still a large number of users who do not know about it. UseRSS is dominated by many people in the Internet industry and mainly subscribes to logs and information, which makes it more likely for users to subscribe to advertising information.



9) SNSMarketing


SNS:Social Network sevice, a social network service, is an InternetWeb2.0.SnMarketing is based on the concepts of circles, contacts, and six degrees of space, that is, self-expanding marketing strategies such as circles and clubs with clear themes are generally based on the member recommendation mechanism, it provides the potential for Precision Marketing and the conversion rate preferences of actual sales, such:Google GmailThe mailbox Adopts the recommendation mechanism. Only when someone sends you an invitation will you have the opportunity to experience it.GmailAt the same time, when you haveGmailYou can also invite others to extend their social networks through the invitation mechanism. At the same time,Google GmailBrand transfer is achieved through continuous delivery and association of people. This can also be said to be the sublimation of viral marketing, which plays a strong role in the brand of products recognized by users;



10)Creative ad Marketing


Creative ad marketing, maybe after reading"You will be inspired by the popular video analysis on YouTube. Enterprise creative advertisements can deepen brand influence and brand shaping. Lattice websites and I have money are purely creative advertisements.


11)Knowledge-based marketing


Knowledge-based marketing is like Baidu's"Know"You can use questions and answers between users to increase user stickiness. If you expand the user's knowledge level, the user will thank you. Imagine an enterprise may wish to establish an interactive channel such as online troubleshooting, users can experience the professional technical level and high-quality services of the enterprise. Alternatively, you may wish to set up a region to popularize related knowledge to users and update them regularly on a daily basis.



12)Event Marketing

Event marketing can be called hypes, or valuable news points or unexpected practices that can be hyped on or off the platform to improve influence. For example:I discovered the discuz forum just a few minutes after it was attacked by hackers. So I wrote an article about the incident in the shortest time and sent it to several regular activities.QqGroup and forum, of course, it would be better to write an in-depth report based on the event, so that more people will notice myBlog.


13)Koubei Marketing

Although koubei marketing is notOnly available in the 2.0 period, but in2.0The performance of the Times is more obvious and important.

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