New Network interconnection: strive to do their own maintenance of the domain name industry benign development

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--New network interconnection CTO Yang Guofu Vice President Guo Po interview for China IDC Market, 2007 is destined to be an unstable year. As an important part of the IDC industry, the number of domain name registrars presents gratifying growth momentum, but the following is the network of malicious attacks, domain name trading fraud intensified, as the Chinese domain name registration of the top providers, the new network interconnection facing these problems is how to look at? For China's future domain name market, new network interconnection is what kind of attitude? With these problems, the author visited the Tsinghua Science and Technology Park Technology building in the new network interconnection headquarters, with the new network of technical CTO Mr. Yang Guofu, new network interconnection Vice President Mr. Guo Po launched a direct dialogue.

Maintain Internet network security

Recently million network, new network interconnection, new network and other large-scale hosting companies encounter network attacks, resulting in the Internet access, the domain name of the parsing process have been different degrees of interruption, resulting in tens of thousands of of sites at the same time inaccessible situation, to the development of the Internet caused irreparable damage.

Facing the network attack, the new network interconnection CTO Yang Guofu said: For network attacks, the new network interconnection is absolutely repugnant, because its impact is very large, on the new network interconnection, we have hundreds of thousands of of users, including domain names and virtual host, attack the new network interconnection equals attack hundreds of thousands of of the network, will make the internet can not normal operation, This loss will be difficult to estimate, this is not only the loss of the new network interconnection, but also the entire Chinese internet loss. The root cause may be that the state does not pay enough attention to the information security, in the law, regulations, supervision and other aspects of the vacancy, so that some outlaws have nothing to do, hope that the country can tighten up the relevant policies to combat cyber attack crime. And as a benefit driven by cyber attacks, Yang Guofu that cyber attacks, including DDoS and new CC attacks against Domain name resolution, may not be simple personal hacking, and cyber attacks may have formed an industry--the black industry--that has interest groups operating behind them. It is understood that they have developed to the attack of the flow price, according to the amount of time to purchase.

And for the network attack solution, Yang Guofu said there is no good way to stop the attack, can only rely on strengthening their own network construction, play a good security patch, through the loading of firewalls to prevent protection measures. At the same time for the security of the domain Name System, CNNIC is also tutoring the domain name registrar to do the relevant domain name security protection system construction. At the same time, the author thinks that for the construction of information security, Internet-related enterprises, in addition to strengthening the establishment of their own security system, should actively promote the enactment of relevant laws, including the enactment of punitive measures against cyber attacks, even the nomination of deputies to the NPC, and send representatives to bring relevant motions directly To protect the information security from the laws and regulations.

objectively treat domain name investment

For individual companies suspected of deceptive sales and the impact of the domain name, new network interconnection Vice President Guo Po said: The new network interconnection domain name is mainly to go channels, do the domain name wholesalers, domain name deceptive sales events will not have a direct impact on us. Domain name as a product or service of the Internet has both the application value and the investment or speculative value brought by the uniqueness of domain name. If the customer can fully understand the value of domain name products, customers can objectively treat the domain name investment, can be responsible for their own investment behavior. In the case of deceptive sales of individual company domain names, mainly some sales personnel one-sided propaganda and enlarge the domain name product investment, speculative value, make the domain name operation of customers do not understand the expectation of domain name investment become too high, generate speculative mentality, of course, in the short term there is a very small possibility of return. The occurrence of the incident to the company and the industry has brought a certain negative impact ... It is suggested that we should treat the domain name investment objectively and realize the double value of the domain name in a comprehensive way, which means objectively, not comprehensive, it is easy to produce speculative psychology.

For the industrial development, the individual company domain name deceptive sales incident to the industry will not form too big impact. There are three types of users who use domain names: the individual or enterprise uses the domain name to do the website directly, the domain name cost relative to the entire website cost proportion is very small, does not affect the normal use; the second is: the specialized domain name investor, this type of person has the specialized domain name investment knowledge, has own domain name purchase theory, Generally will not be the domain Name Service provider's left and right; three is: the general domain name investor, this type of investor is also affected the most, they will be affected by some hype. In this case, this type of investor suffered a loss.

Of course, an event has a bad side, but also has a good side, investment in the domain name to a certain extent to the role of the domain name, so that more people understand the role of the domain name and value, many people also because the domain name to know the Internet, understand the e-commerce.

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